Turon - Fried Banana With Jackfruit Strips Wrapped in Spring Roll Wrapper (video)

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Turon is a favorite and one of the most popular Filipino afternoon snack or merienda, as we call it in the Philippines. It is a sweet snack that appeals to both children and adults and is a satisfying treat. It can easily be made at home or bought from vendors or neighbors selling outside their houses.

The main ingredient of turon is banana, it thrives well in a tropical country thus it's availability and affordability.

Turon is made using slices of ripe bananas rolled in sugar topped with strips of jackfruit and wrapped in spring roll wrapper, then fried.

It has a crunchy texture on the outside - the result of frying thin spring roll wrappers, and a softer texture inside due to ripened bananas. Its sweetness comes from the banana itself, sugar, and jackfruit - which also gives that distinct flavor specific to the mature fruit.

Saba banana or Cardaba banana is the variety typically used to make turon and other snacks or desserts. It has a sweet, bit tangy flavor and is primarily used for cooking. I've never eaten saba raw my entire life, I've always thought that it can only be eaten cooked until recently, and I actually prefer it just as it is over boiling it.



12 pcs saba banana (halved)
24 pcs spring roll wrapper
120 grams or approx 2/3 cup sugar
100 grams jackfruit (optional)

oil for frying
water (to seal/hold wrapper in place)

You can use other varieties of banana if saba is not available, but use them when ripe.
Spring roll wrappers can be found in Asian stores.

Here are the steps:

  1. Peel spring roll wrappers apart. Make sure to have twice as much wrapper as bananas. Set aside.
    6c step1a.jpg
  2. Cut jackfruit into strips. Set aside.
  3. Cut the ends of the banana and peel. Slice it in half, lengthwise.
  4. Coat bananas with sugar.
  5. Lay wrapper/s on a surface, place a slice of banana just below the center of the wrapper.
  6. Top bananas with 2-3 strips of jackfruit.
  7. Fold the wrapper from the bottom up. Tuck it nicely.
  8. Dip your fingers in a bowl of water. Moisten the sides. Fold inwards.
  9. Continue rolling upwards. Moisten the top to seal it off. Do the same for the remaining bananas.
  10. Heat oil in a pan.
  11. Fry them on one side until brown. Do the same to the other side.
    15d step9a.jpg

    And done :)16g step10a.jpg


The images are my own. These images were captured using Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.


Gosh, they look really yummy @myrandomness! Wish I could have one right now. I love jackfruit and sugar and fried banana fritters and I love fried spring rolls. This is like super combination of all my favourites! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! @marblely Haha I love those as well, my mouth waters just thinking of it :)

Slurrrp slurrrrp haha. Love the sugar bits in it. Yummmm.

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Haha everytime I revisit this post, it makes me crave. Sugar really is addicting! That's bad hehe.

Oh nooo... Stay away from this post! Hehehe. I know right. Darn.. Why can't sugar be good? :D

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That sounds so delicious! I wish I had one right now!

Such kind words, thank you. I hope you could try it :)

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This looks so delicious! Banana and jackfruit are perfect combination! My in-laws are from Indonesia and I know that you are sharing quite a few meals with Indonesia so I asked my husband if he ever heard of this snack. He hasn't, so I guess it's really typical to Philippines. I can get all the ingredients in Switzerland and I will definitely try it. I'm sure it's going to be my favorite snack! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you. Yes there are quite a lot of similarities between the two countries :) Awesome! I would love to see you blog about it, let me know and I'll definitely check it out. Hope you'll love it as well :)

Wow yummy

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what great sandwiches you make the first time I see it they look delicious and crispy I made my mouth water I'll copy the recipe to make it at home weekend already here in my country if there are many bananas and bananas thank you for sharing a great sandwich @myrandomness

Thanks @neymarth11 I hope you'll love it too and enjoy making it as well, it's fun :)

When my tita stayed with us, she always brought turon everytime she returned from work. We always had dessert after dinner. 😄

It definitely brings sweet memories, as sweet as the turon :)

This looks awesome @myrandomness! and so easy too. I'm definitely going to give this one a try :) Thanks for sharing it here!

howdy from Texas myrandomness! wow these look SO good, I've never had Jackfruit but I love bananas and fried foods and these things are making my mouth water so great job!
Do you specialize in recipes on your blog?

That looks really tasty! Its incredible that it is also easy to prepare. Is that brown sugar that you used?