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RE: Good eplanation of bandwidth issue and Delegating SP | Comment and get steem delegation

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This happened to me when I got on Steemit this morning. I posted last night and I couldn't reply to any comments today or upvotes them. I checked and found that my voting power, SP, and bandwidth were low. I didnt know why, so I tried to read everything I could on it. I didn't find anything that explained it well, but I figured I would just have to wait a few days for it them to go back up. I just checked Steemd again, and my Bandwidth and Voting Powe has imprived, but my SP is 15. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and for helping.


Keep up the good and original contents.
30 SP delegated.

Hey @mahdiyari , I thought you might have a good answer to this... The estimated value of my introductory post went from $50 to $39 in 4 days without any downvotes. I've tried to read up on this included what is posted in the Steemit introductory page and my understanding is that the amount that the post is worth can varry depending on the value of Steem and can decrease if someone who upvoted me also upvoted someone else so that the worth of their upvoted on my post would decrease.
Is that correct?
Also, It seemed to decrease slowly at first... A few cents the first day, but in the past 24 hours it dropped ~$7. Is there a reason it drops more as time goes on?
Thank you for your time.

yeah, it depends on the value of steem.
steem price is not the only reason for this vote value changing. it depends on reward pool too.

Thank you! You have delegated so much to people, wow! I definitely will keep creating new posts!!

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