Good eplanation of bandwidth issue and Delegating SP | Comment and get steem delegation

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Update: Steem power delegation finished.

Hello, my friends.
according to the steem blockchain bandwidth problem, many users can't post, comment, upvote or transfer anything. specially low SP (steem power) users.
and recently @steem undelegated SP from many users! and it increased this problem for low SP users.
that was a action to reduce blockchain spamming from minor users.

Read more here: Steem Bandwidth - User Experience Issue by @timcliff
and this issue on github: Current bandwidth calculations allow low powered accounts to spam easily by @gtg

All I can do as a witness is to increase block size in my witness node to confirm more transactions. but it should be done in top 20 witnesses to see the effect in whole steem blockchain.
but that is a temporary solution! users will spam more and more! we can't handle this amount of transactions by current development in steem blockchain. I believe developers can fix this problem as discussed in this issue
but they are so slow! bandwidth issue was there since launching the steem blockchain and it is missed in frontend in the steemit to explain users what is the bandwidth issue. it is not even in the FAQ section. (at least I can't find that)


as I understand, bandwidth problem is caused by the large amount of transactions in the few blocks in a row. so if that blocks could not handle that transactions, they will be rejected by blockchain after a while. (according to expiration time in the transactions) and this problem can be seen in all accounts.

also, we have a bandwidth allocated to each account. that is different one.
this allocated bandwidth was calculated by blockchain according to current traffic of transactions and each account's steem power.
so, accounts with lower amount of SP can not do anything (upvote, post, comment, transfer, ...) in this case. we can solve this problem by buying STEEM and powering up that accounts. or it can be fixed by delegating SP to that accounts.

I want to help to real and good accounts who don't have enough SP (steem power) to post, upvote or comment.
if you have such issue, please comment or contact me in discord. (@MahdiYari#6090)
I will check your comments under this post and I will delegate some SP to your account.
don't need to comment or follow me.


  • an explanation of your activities in the steem
  • account with low SP (for example under 10, but not limited)

Delegated SP will be 10-50 STEEM per account.
Keep up steeming:P

image sources:,

Remember to vote some witnesses in
we need witnesses to keep up our social media and earnings!
you can vote for mahdiyari too:)




We had some of our new members hit hard by this as they usually join contests that use a lot of bandwidth for images and dTube content.

It's disheartening when they don't even have anything left to upvote or comment.

Thank you for your generosity and I have cascaded this to our members and hopefully the developers will find a long solution to this bandwidth issue.

Apart from developers, we vest steem by powering up

I get what you mean on the whole vesting and powering up principle. Thank you so much for enlightening us.

It is definitely disheartening. I feel so bad that my upvotes are basically worthless. Very Sad! I have over 600 followers in less than 30 days! I more than appreciate each follower. I want to be able to help them as much as I can. Again, very sad my upvotes don't even help .01 :(

Thanks so much for your help. I have very low SP, and transaction broadcast errors

Try to write more texts in your posts and keep publishing original contents.
I can delegate more SP. I will check your future activities.
30 SP delegated.

Please I am one of those that have low SP and it is affecting me seriously, I also joined the discord platform but I don't know how it operates, it's complicated so to speak, please I need help

I checked your account.
just publish original and good contents! not just copy pasting.
I can delegate more. I will check your future activities too.
20 SP delegated for now.

Ok, I will work on that, thank you

I have noticed a big difference in speed recently and a decline in the amount of delegated SP I have. Was wondering what had been happening..... Thank you for some insight!

im really suffring with that im trying my best here yesterday i was having 16 sp i think but they take 1 i have 15 now :'( ... and thnx mahdi for all your help to us with steemfollower or steemauto . god bless you my brother

30 SP delegated for now.
Will check your future activities for more delegation.
keep up original and good contents.

Thank you very much, I am very keen on the exclusive content, I wish you all the best brother, you helped me a lot, I will follow your advice

I have the same problem. Recently I've tried to make original posts. Let's hope for the best :)

15 SP delegated for now.

This happened to me when I got on Steemit this morning. I posted last night and I couldn't reply to any comments today or upvotes them. I checked and found that my voting power, SP, and bandwidth were low. I didnt know why, so I tried to read everything I could on it. I didn't find anything that explained it well, but I figured I would just have to wait a few days for it them to go back up. I just checked Steemd again, and my Bandwidth and Voting Powe has imprived, but my SP is 15. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and for helping.

Keep up the good and original contents.
30 SP delegated.

Hey @mahdiyari , I thought you might have a good answer to this... The estimated value of my introductory post went from $50 to $39 in 4 days without any downvotes. I've tried to read up on this included what is posted in the Steemit introductory page and my understanding is that the amount that the post is worth can varry depending on the value of Steem and can decrease if someone who upvoted me also upvoted someone else so that the worth of their upvoted on my post would decrease.
Is that correct?
Also, It seemed to decrease slowly at first... A few cents the first day, but in the past 24 hours it dropped ~$7. Is there a reason it drops more as time goes on?
Thank you for your time.

yeah, it depends on the value of steem.
steem price is not the only reason for this vote value changing. it depends on reward pool too.

Thank you! You have delegated so much to people, wow! I definitely will keep creating new posts!!

good help @mahdiyari
thanks in advance

20 SP delegated.

i am still receiving transaction broadcast errors and bandwidth limit exceeded error please help. i have taken steemit very responsible for my articles please help ?

15 SP delegated.

You are a life saver man ♥

Hello, @mahdiyari I only have 9 steempower and I post daily plus share and vote for papillon charity everyday . Thanks for any help you can give my account to continue. Also feel free to look at @papilloncharity too. Bless you 😘

Bless you, I see your kind works and they will not go unnoticed :) . There are so many kind people here on Steemit and I am so glad I joined. I was #8000 that joined your steemfollower site too by the way !


Bandwith is my error i didn´t know about this and i abuse the storage of information on account (which it is kinda the function of the bandwith for what i know until now about it...) and i will like to grow on this site.

15 SP delegated.
keep publishing original content.

Where is it i don´t see it?... where i can see the 15 SP delegated ?

in your wallet.
(+15 STEEM)

Bandwidth problem has been a major problem to my activities since am starting steeming on december 30 2017. And am trying to understand the advantages of upvoting in the first 30 min and commenting after reading carefully in a constructive ways. Since the curreation rewards are for the first 30 min i litrally couldnt get those but usually an upvote will be submitted after the 45min. In my case. Anyway i was contacting you personally on this problem and you told me to increase the steem power. Anyway am trying to comment as much us possible before i start to bloge on my area of consern. Am doing this to understand all the power that i have in making a good blog and making it intresting for people to read and get something posetive out of it.
In all respect to your helping people out and in making the steem enviroment in sustainable development your contribution is incomparable to other performers.
In general a short term quick fix may be an option but as cryptocurency market is starting to be a worldwide competitive senario any token which do have a good platform will always win. So i would recomend for us to comeup with a longstanding general solution. I would like you to come up with a complaint and solution account compiler so all person who is a victim of bandwidth problem or any other problem will state his conditions, what he loose, and he will state proposed possible solution and also his contribution to the solution( very important, can be giving an upvote or balance after certain time or contributing a server or anyother)
So lets save our steem to be sustainable or else the sunnydays will start to darken sooner or letter.

20 SP delegated for now.

Thank you for your deligation. I will post something officially about your ovwrall posetive contributions.

thanks @mahdiyari
i have low steem power

20 SP delegated for now.

I think I may be one of those people as I tried a couple of times to promote a couple of blogs with what little I have and saw that it went to null. I am new to steemit or anything social media but I learn quick and think I have something to offer on this platform. Thanks for the posting.

20 SP delegated.

Thank you for sharing all this info to us and to try to find a solution right away. I appreciate your attitude :)

15 SP delegated:)
keep up good and original contents.

thanks for addressing this issue... i thought it was just me... upvote.. thanks again

I found your post on ... just joined and it already gave me a good post and good author connection

you are very kind, thank you. I never knew who were the good souls who delegate us in the first place, so its nice to know at least one of them. I'm grateful that you would loan it to me even if just for a day. Thank you again!

thanks a lot .. this is very helpful, especially beginners like me

15 SP delegated.

need help for steempower @mahdiyari

15 SP delegated.

I already have some sp, so i'm not here for that but just to tell you this is very kind from you to do that :) I would have liked it if someone did that for me when I started :p
Good job :D

I don't even see any posts written about that problem. And I read a lot...

I did understand now. Today I suddenly saw that my SP just reduced to half of its value and I was so depressed. Would be please kind enough to help me? I have lost all my vote values. Damn thing by steemit... not sure why!! Thanks for your post and information...

15 SP delegated.

I really appreciate this info with bit of explanation. Although i registered for long, i just started using the platform few days ago, i do here a lot of people complaining about this issue never really knew what its all about, thanks for making me aware. But I've got some questions...

thanks a lot, i really appreciate. I hope this doesn't go unnoticed.. I sent you a request on discord @bco

And I've got just 15SP for now, but i think my bandwidth is reducing everyday...

@mahdiyari - Users had experienced bandwidth issues 5-6 months back too. Especially, users with SP less than 500 get hit hard. It is great that you are addressing by increasing node size. I am no expert in these matters but your explanation and efforts are commendable. Upvoted through steemfollower.



Thank you very much for your help, i have a litle sp

15 SP delegated.
try to not using wrong tags in your posts.
and try to publish good and original contents.
in future, I will check your account for more delegations.

Sometimes between tags generating spam in comments

that was a very nice thing to do for him.. thank you for that!

Same here.. I found it so difficult to complete my post or claim payouts and to upvote as well... Thanks so much for the offer you render regarding to this issue... Plz I also have Low SP.. And will be happy if you can delegate some for me too... Thanks sir, stay bless 🙏🙏🙏

15 SP delegated.

Thanks so much @mahdiyari.... keep the good work and God bless u...

I'd like to knw more about some things on Steemit.. I sent you request on Discord. The name goes as Golden_Prince .. Plz sir

There I was thinking it was just me never knew it was a general issue. The low bandwidth has really messed me up tho but a Thank you for this wonderful gesture.

15 SP delegated.

I'm also affected by this and it has limited my level of socializing. Thanks for making out time for people like us, it's really amazing.

15 SP delegated.

Steem power has really been affecting my posts and upvote. Am really struggling here.

15 SP delegated.

Twice I've been hit by the low bandwidth issue and being new to the platform with older members having not faced this challenge before it's really hard to find a way out.
Usually I wait for a couple of hours before I can get back in the game.
Thanks for this kind gesture.

10 SP delegated.

Hello sir, I have low steem power, and my contents are original, I'm a photographer and I post mostly my photographs, just recently I received such error during a transaction, I thought it was my mobile network messing with me, until I read this article..

15 SP delegated.

Thank God I found this. You answered my questions running on my head since yesterday. I was confused what I did wrong. My SP just dropped and upon checking steemd, I saw Steem delegate only 1 SP. It's sad to know

15 SP delegated.

same problem her i have low SP but i keep posting original contents
I also contribute bug hunting in but sad to say it was disapprove. Hoping steemfollower will be back soon a big help.
Got my full support done up voting =witnesses

Thank you so much for enlightening me more on sp...I’m a new bee on steemit ,it has increased my understanding..

15 SP delegated.

Thanks @mahdiyari for your help especially to we the new bees ...thanks for the SP delegated .

A big help to us especially newbies. Thanks @mahdiyari

15 SP delegated.

I think it's great what you do. you always come up with something new and do not waste time. I like that!

I am also a new user, decide if I need support, I give my best at any case

15 SP delegated.

I first noticed my sp decline about two weeks ago It dropped from 14.9+ to 10+ Before I could adapt to the new sp, it reduced again to 9+. Just few hours ago, it has dropped to 8+

Please, I need a review on my activities that could be affecting my brandwith and sp?

I would appreciate any amount of delegated sp you could render me, too. Thanks.

10 SP delegated.

I have the same problem. Recently I've tried to make original posts. I have very low SP, and transaction broadcast errors :)

Her men i just upvote you..

I really appreciate your efforts sir in developing this platform . I really have the problem of very low sp, it's affecting my activities on this platform alot. Please I need your help sir

15 SP delegated.

Please delegate me some sp. I need it it very much. I will never misuse it.

I do not know much about the banwithd of effort in the platform, a few Day a go I do not acces My account both resteem, vote or other activity.

Now I knew it caused of, Thank you for informatif post. Hopefully I get your donation of delegation to My account @mahdyari

Resteem :)

Gracias de antemano, usted es de mucha ayuda en esta comunidad soy muy nuevo aquí y necesito ayuda.

Thanks for the info. Still new here. I have very low sp and still confused how to use this platform. :)

I had no idea what had happened when I saw today that my delegated SP is totally vanished. I have no idea either how to used it or what to do with. your help will be appreciated. Thank you.

had this problem today, my bandwidth went to 0 and my reputation on was 25, i thought this was strange but ater 7hrs things went back to normal. am at peace now

that's so kind of you

15 SP delegated.

thank you but i didn't ask for more sp.
however, i am happy that you care about everyone

Exellent expllanation

@mahdiyari that's so kind of you. God bless.

Thanks @mahdiyari you are always a guiding star .

15 SP delegated.

That is such a kind gesture on your part. Cheers

Yesterday, when posting to, this message appeared: .... bucipuci bandwidth limit exceeded. Please wait to transact or power up STEEM ......
I could not post the post for about 30 minutes. My own SP is 90.072. Apparently, the network was overloaded

I was wondering what was going on, it's been crazy all day! Thank you for this post @mahdiyari! xx

This is very cool that you are doing this for us new users to get a fighting chance in the network. I salute you sir! That you for your kindness! I have followed, resteemed and upvoted this article.

Thank you for the info. I was wondering what was going on. I got undelegated too, but I have not been having any issues.

comparto las publicaciones de los usuarios

Thanks for this post - it explains some things.

I just had Steem undelegate about $27 in SP from me yesterday, which led to a lot of bandwidth errors and error messages last night and today, and I've never spammed anyone! Not sure how (or if) they checked the accounts from which they undelegated Steem, but as a new user, it is frustrating.

Luckily I purchased some Steem early on, but it still only leaves me with about 25 Steem more or less, which goes a LOT slower than when I had credit of around 52.

Anyway, thanks for helping out us little guys. I'm in it for the long haul, and I appreciate it very much.

thanks @mahdiyari
i have low steem power

very good post
thanks for the sharing
dear friend @mahdiyari
sp delegate some

thanks for the help

great explanation. I heard this issue but don't know why. thank you.

great explanation, everyone's been freaking out ! Glad you are helping the smaller REAL accounts and I hope this stops the SPAM accounts from their annoying activities.

thanks for sharing

15 SP delegated.

Thanks a lot for explanation, i was trying to know why my delegated SP was gone, now I know .
I don't need your delegation, but if you find my account worthy, I will not refuse a bit of help :-)

Thank for informing us?

We are running this social account for cheap housing.
Maybe you shall see interest in our program and delegate ot xfer of upvote our content.
Would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

This is an awesome initiative @mahdiyari. I was wondering why of late, I kept having bandwidth issues and stumbled upon your post while trying to Google for some answers. Would really appreciate some additional SP to power up, as it can be really frustrating when I want to support other Steemians by Upvoting them, only to find myself out of Steem (literally!)

Your good and very helpful man. thank you bro!

Thanks @Mahdiyari for this initiative and support! Please check out my posts and I have a low SP.

15 SP delegated.
try to publish original and good contents.

I like your post.Because of your system is useful for me. Thanks you. I am a begginer. I want to learn from you.

Good service.. I am advising all of my introduced members to powerup with buying some steem. Hope it will help to solve this issue.

Nice post, quick question, when writing a new post,do you suggest 50/50 reward or 100% power up, and i won't mind some Steem Power. Thanks

50/50 for when SBD price is upper than 1 USD
and 100% power up when sbd is under 1 USD

Alright, thanks so much.

I cannot vote and I cannot log in. Please help me

Thanks so much for your help. I have very low SP, and transaction broadcast errors

Hello! I'm one of those who have little sp My nickname on steemit @ yatsuk.kostia I'm not a spammer and always publish only quality messages but since I have an eternal problem with bandwidth I can not work properly on the platform. Also I am a member of the community steemit Ukraine community new I have a blog post about him but since there are no means to outsmart my voice, I ask you to help me a lot to solve this problem, I'm just shocked. I can not normally not do anything on steemit since my ability does not allow this. If it's not hard for you to help me! Reciprocity guarantee!

Saya sangat kesulitan untuk posting, upvote, follow dan comentar karena adanya bandwidth, sp saya sedikit, padahal tekad saya untuk tiap hari saya akan memposting hasil karya saya sebanyak 2 post, jadi tolong saya apa solusinya untuk mengatasi hal tersebut. atas perhatian anda saya ucapkan terima kasih

This is so VERY kind of you! One of the best posts that I have read on here! People like you make the Steemit Community so special and great! I was undelegated by Steem! I understand the circumstance, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't disappointed! I had no idea what happened! I worked extremely hard promoting Steemit! I am encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join the Great Steemit Community! It is so VERY helpful and kind! I want to be able to help and compensate others on here as much as I can! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Light and Love! Blessed 2018! Your Friend! @extraterrestrial :)

@mahdiyari, thanks for to help the minnows. :)
I have 14.320 Steem Power.

Very good initiative @mahdiyari I just voted as a witness.

I just finished reading and saw that your post was very beneficial. Thanks so much for the help you've provided because I am new to steemit and such timely information is really beneficial for new Steemians like myself.

Upvoting issues is one of my problems on steemit, having someone like you is a thing of joy for me.
I'm in need of SP sir

Post beneficial for me as newbie at @steemit , thank you for the review. Very in for me

Post beneficial for me as newbie at @steemit , thank you for the review @mahdiyari..Very useful for me

@dickiebash i post mainly about games and i need steem power... Thanks for the help

I just posted an article about benefits of fruits , If You want to check i ll be very happy thank you

Hey sir, please I also need some SP. I have very low sp

Thanks for your insights, I spent all day refreshing steemit, but no luck, I was out of power all day.

That's very generous of you. Thank you. Yesterday I was unable to post all day. And today my posts have been delayed. I have to stop commenting to build up bandwidth again.

It doesn't seem linearly connected to what I'm actually doing. Yesterday it was going into minus when I was doing nothing. If you could help that would be wonderful. thank you!

I'm new to steemit and I found your article very helpful for new Steemians like myself. Thanks so much for this timely article

I had such bandwidth problem 2 days ago and i must say it was frustrating because i didn't spam or make too many posts all I did was what I considered few transactions and I was told I couldn't after that,I had to ask about it in a discord channel which I was told it was the cause of my low sp
thanks for explaining it poperly though

I'm now having transaction broadcast errors and i have very low SBD. please i need help

Wow it is great project to help low sp steemians,i am also facing this problem some time.

Hello! I have a month here and I've really learned a lot. I want to post, comment and upvote more but I can't because of my low SP. I really want to help newer with tips in the comment section of their posts. I love marketing, nature, books, calligraphy, cooking and more... in these topics I want to develop my articles. I'm from Venezuela, I can also help you with the hispanic community.

Top of the day to you. I do have a low bandwidth problem as well. It has negatively affected my activities on steemit. I'd be very glad if you help me out. You've been doing a wonderful job keep it up.

Thanks for the info.
Because i noticed my delegated sp vanished
Id appreciate your help

I usually stay active unless something bad is going on.
I participate in many contests and recently started a giveaway.

I have my own SP 144 from whICH i delegated 140 SP to Randowhale.

Truth be told, there are many other people who need SP delegation more than me. In that case, don't mind me.

Thanks for your kindness :)
Still, You can check my account if you want.

gotcha an upvote/plz upvote my post

I face that situation too, my bandwidth is going down start 4 am and going normal at 7 am, so if I want to post i have to watch my bandwidth position again and again to ensure i can post my entry to steemit. hopefully I can get delegate SP from you. thank you @mahdiyari