Why are comments limited to every 20 seconds, when bandwidth is supposedly limited by Steem Power?

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This is something I've been wondering about for a while now. Almost every account that I've ever looked at on steemd has had probably greater than 95% bandwidth available, but I'm guessing almost everyone who actually uses Steemit regularly has run into the 20 second limit for posting comments. It just seems to be completely counter to the whole idea of rate limiting user bandwidth based on vested Steem Power.

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I am not sure, but in my opinion this would be an breathing time. By the way you raise interesting point, i am also eager to read the actual reason. Thanks for sharing.

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Its an issue I've encountered myself, in my second week of Steemit
I posted here the article and got some interesting advice:

The most interesting one is on how to actually check to see your available bandwidth at ANY TIME:

"You can check for yourself your own bandwidth by going to this address:

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Bandwidth consumed me! It breaks my nerves.
I face problems every day, and sometimes I do not even share the article for a day.😡🤬

I hope it starts working better for you!

I hope it is good thank you!

I'm not totally sure this is the case, but it is my understanding that SP acts as shares in a company. Because of this, the more SP we commit to the platform, the greater our available resources get, bandwidth in this case.
However, the posting time limit is not related to an available resource and acts as an anti spam system instead, protecting not only bandwidth but also the quality of the content that can be shared and the platform integrity. Without this limit it would be quite simple to create bots that could make the comment section a total nightmare or even clog the whole network.

You're correct, but even with the limit I could still delegate my SP to 100 different bot accounts and spam the network with comments. The point is that it's relatively expensive to commit spam, which was the whole reason for tying bandwidth, voting power, etc... to SP. Thanks for reading.

Sure that would be a way to spam even with the time limit as it is. Without the time limit it would be even worse. Even powerful accounts are somehow limited on how much they can drop new content, which leads me to think, how often is someone able to post something relevant?
Thank you, Trogdor.

I agree that it doesn't make much sense. In his most recent post @anyx talked about how cheetah keeps running into the 20 second limit and runs hours behind sometimes.

Yeah I saw that. It's just crazy because I could easily (relatively) make 1000 different accounts and post 50 times a second until the bandwidth's depleted, but with my single account I'll never approach my bandwidth limit. Actually from the response I'm hearing, it would be an interesting idea if we were able to delegate bandwidth while retaining voting power. I would absolutely do that for all of these low SP users who want to use Steemit more but run into bandwidth issues.

I agree with what they say. there is no sense of bandwidth. The transaction is volumey but you know you are having trouble with the tape in the process. And you can not put a comment on it for 20 seconds. While you are experiencing a tape problem, you want to discard your comment as soon as possible, but the system does not allow it. I experienced tape problems last Wednesday. That day the full bandwidth problem is improving. My review says bandwidth again. I had a full 16-hour band problem on Wednesday. After I got angry. This is really ridiculous. They have to solve this problem. Thank you for referring to this topic. @trogdor

It is definitely a little frustrating sometimes!

Hello friend, you're right, I have that problem since morning. steemit uses the "bandwidth Remaining" to avoid in a certain way the people who publish at every moment, the more level you have and the higher your steem power the bandwidth is higher. According to what you investigate, there is no need to worry because the bandwidth can be monitored, and after decreasing, it is optimized or recovered in a certain period of time. greetings with friend success

Thanks for reading, I hope you don't run into any issues anymore!

I think the 20 sec limitation is very good , those are comments this is not a chat
if you want to comment about a post ready it first and think a bit , this take 20 sec otherwise we will be getting spam spam and ho yes spam...

I know I have run into the problem of exceeding my bandwidth quite a few times in the past week.

I guess I'm leaving too many comments?

Still not sure how everything works here, but I'm slowly learning.


The bandwidth is related to your Steem Power, so if you have lower SP you're not allowed to post as much content to the network. You can check your remaining bandwidth at steemd.com/@jgvinstl

Thank you! Gives me some stats that help.

I think the bandwidth is a completely silly system. I use the site for 15 hours a day. The next day I'm just looking at 1 hour and then giving the bandwidth error. it is not clear what my bandwidth is going to be. @trogdor

It would be awesome if there were a way to delegate bandwidth, without delegating voting power... I would definitely do that for cases like yours were you run into bandwidth issues but then I would still get to use my voting power. I wonder if anyone has thought of that...

Yes I totally agree with you, even though they keep saying to Power up... I started doing so. One minute am having 18mb total bandwidth and the next am getting bandwidth errors, I go check my bandwidth only to see - 54kb of 180kb... Errm like how did I go from 18mb to 180kb. So it's really not stable nor can it be counted upo. @dee-y over and out.

Am guessing it's a counter measure to decrease sporadic spamming comments by spam accounts. @dee-y over and out.

Thanks for reading!

I have been wondering the same thing my Friend! Thank you very much for bringing this to light! I am enjoying reading others thoughts! Thank you very much for sharing! When I first joined Steemit, I always had a bandwidth issue. It was very frustrating. Even today, it is a sporadic issue. It means so very much for me to engage with the Steemit Community! A Community I absolutely love! Great Post! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

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I think they are trying to complement bandwidth with the 20 sec limit, because your bandwidth reloads fast, at least that´s what I feel when I get to negative values because of a resteem or whatever...
I´ve found some accounts that spam the entire day the same comment hoping to have luck (not exaggerating)... Fishing upvotes literally!!

I see what you mean, thanks for reading!

I think the 20 second rule is implemented for anti-bot reasons. Can you imagine bots running free on steemit, that would really make things even worse. Also I believe this incentivizes a better communication.

Right but let's say for example that I have 1000 SP. If I really wanted, I could delegate that to 200 different accounts, and then effectively comment 10 times per second using a bot, at least until they hit their bandwidth limit. The question is, why shouldn't I just be able to use my 1000 SP account and comment 10 times per second until I hit my bandwidth limit?

Very true and it has happened to me several times, this blockage appears, a problematic that contradicts itself and is in very bad taste. Very good your information, concise and presiss as always.

I wish there were a way to delegate bandwidth! Thanks for reading.

I've wondered about this as well @trogdor. I feel like limiting bandwidth also prevents spamming which maintains the quality of content. Just a thought.

Right, but originally the idea was that accounts with more Steem Power can post more frequently than those with low Steem Power, but it seems like pretty much everybody is limited by the 20 second limit instead.

That seems silly. Once your Steem Power grows to a certain point, it should be obvious that you aren't trying to spam anymore. I hope they fix that issue. With a growing community, I hope for a lot more progressive changes as well.

I think there's a 20 second limit to fight with spam. It's easy to create hundreds of accounts and use bots to spam the whole platform with millions of comments if there was no limit. It's a decentralized platform and nobody can actually delete or suspend your account, nor can anyone delete your comments or posts, so that's why there's a limit.

Right, but the actual bandwidth that you are allowed to post to the blockchain is limited by the amount of Steem Power that you have. The 20 second limit is an additional limit on top of that, which in my experience is always the limiter and not the actual bandwidth limit. The idea was supposed to be that accounts with more Steem Power can post more often (which makes spam expensive), but in practice I think pretty much everybody is limited by the 20 second limit, which kind of makes the other irrelevant in many cases.

Yeah, but for example, a spammer could have a lot of SP, he could create hundreds of accounts and delegate SP to each account, thus removing the bandwidth limit and then successfully post thousands of comments every 10 seconds.

My band width I have a problem.the system I use regularly, but 20 seconds in the evening hours not important to me right now so I can't comment.I wonder if there is such a limit but why?

eso es lo malo que uno dependa del mas que tiene y no de la union de la comunidad

Muy cierte amigo muy acertado como siempre saludos la banda ancha es un gran problema q nos pasa

what may be the new rules of steemit.?
and I wonder why the bandwidth every night runs out when our day does not play steemit.

Hello friend, I did not know much about this topic since I am new but I have learned a bit, I understand that to prevent people from publishing at any moment, the bandwidth limit runs out faster. I have a friend who had the same thing, she had a limit of 20 minutes in which I could not post or comment, I think it influences the images that are published, the weight of them can be faster, it's something I've heard


*** I say that it is normal already to the high demand for comments and publications that are made daily. So it's a measure like a balance that while your more Steem power has more bandwidth and we can earn more, I've noticed that when you make a transaction and transfer SBD the bandwidth goes down too much and you almost do not have it. That is why Steemit must work to offer those of us who are just starting to work this great community ***

A big hug from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading.

My review says bandwidth again. I had a full 16-hour band problem on Wednesday.

Tambien me hago la misma pregunta amigo, si tienes una respuesta seria de gran ayuda que me la hicieras llegar :')

yes @trogdor
sometimes that bandwidth makes me confused