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RE: Phisher tried to scam me today. Could not outsmart a Bank

in #bank4 years ago (edited)

That was masterbot account he also got @anoniam too, i was trying to setup a voting bot and put the wrong key in there. Lucky i got all money out of that account before i start messing around with the voting bot.


It's the wild wild blockchain. @ironshield

when i change the password, it wont update on that is why he still got the posting key.

You mean busy remember the key? When I tried using busy, I always need to enter my active key via steemconnect daily. Does it happen only to me? or it happens to everyone?

That doesn't happen to me, busy remembers my password.

I'm on private-mode firefox. Whenever I close firefox, it automatically erases my cookies and cache. So everytime I need re-open firefox (like starting a new day), busy ask my password via steemconnect again.

I think this is cool, there is no way to lost your key to phing even if they try to get onto your Pc when you're not there

Oh interesting @anoniam also approached me for a loan, but I refused that one too. Less interesting story though, he just didn't qualify.

Wait are you still making a voting bot? Just had to ask that, i thought you were just a delegation seller

Steemconnect remember key.

Firefox has got super fast so i approve and i assuming the bellyrub incident made you stop doing delegations

No, bellyrub didnt pay his fee, but masterbot bailout on his lease with me so i took his 500steems deposit.

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