Phisher tried to scam me today. Could not outsmart a Bank

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Ok, it's starts out with me getting a message from "Dang" on Discord. This is already a little suspicious because the real Dang uses Steemit chat, and we have never talked on Discord before, but that's a small point.

When I go check out the Dang's account, he has 13k worth of Steem available, why would he need 500 from me at a high interest rate. And fake Dang's answer wasn't very compelling. I ask for government ID and he balks. To be fair, the real Dang probably wouldn't have wanted too either. This is a delicate situation for me, as the real Dang is a big account that already votes my witness, so I can't just dismiss him lightly.

Fake Dang claims he can comment as proof. Also please note that I wasn't asking Dang to vote my witness there, he already does! But fake Dang was confused.

Regardless I'm ready to write a contract at this point.

Here is where Fake Dang claims to have lost access to his account. This was a shocker for me, and my suspicions are cranked up to eleven. Fake Dang tries to raise the loan to 1000 steem and wants me to send it to Changelly.


I will never fucking send money directly to an exchange for a loan!

I send the money to the account that signs the contract, period, full stop, mic drop.

I test Fake Dang by asking him a question that real Dang would know, probably not the best question but he flubs it anyway. I flat out tell him I'm suspicious but Fake Dang claims that he can sign as Khoa (another account Dang controls).

So I do ask him to comment as Khoa..and he is able to do this! This throws me for a loop, and I'm lured slightly closer to the trap.

I'm still suspicious though, and insist on sending the money to Khoa, and not Changelly. Fake Dang is insistent that I must send it to Changelly.

I remain firm on not sending the money to Changelly, and finally realize it's because Fake Dang only has Khoa's posting key and not the active key, so he wouldn't have access to the funds.

Fake Dang tries to prove he has Khoa's active key by claiming awards.

You use your posting key to claim rewards. I'm not that dumb!

Fake Dang finally admits that he is a Phisher. We chat a little bit more. He mentions something disturbing:

Dang did change Khoa's keys this morning but somehow the Phisher was still able to use Khoa's posting key. How is this possible? He mentions it may have something to do with either Busy and/or Steemconnect (???!!!)


  • You are going to have to do better then that to trick me. I am Bank!
  • If you even suspect that you might have been phished, please change your keys now! Also you may want to revoke permissions on Steem connect
  • Be very careful out there.
  • This Phisher was fairly clever and he was someone who was pretty familiar with me and Dang. Hmm who could it be?
  • I'm still a Bank! Best Bank of the best banks.

Oh Fake Dang's discord is dang#3691



That was masterbot account he also got @anoniam too, i was trying to setup a voting bot and put the wrong key in there. Lucky i got all money out of that account before i start messing around with the voting bot.

It's the wild wild blockchain. @ironshield

when i change the password, it wont update on that is why he still got the posting key.

You mean busy remember the key? When I tried using busy, I always need to enter my active key via steemconnect daily. Does it happen only to me? or it happens to everyone?

That doesn't happen to me, busy remembers my password.

I'm on private-mode firefox. Whenever I close firefox, it automatically erases my cookies and cache. So everytime I need re-open firefox (like starting a new day), busy ask my password via steemconnect again.

I think this is cool, there is no way to lost your key to phing even if they try to get onto your Pc when you're not there

Oh interesting @anoniam also approached me for a loan, but I refused that one too. Less interesting story though, he just didn't qualify.

Wait are you still making a voting bot? Just had to ask that, i thought you were just a delegation seller

Steemconnect remember key.

Firefox has got super fast so i approve and i assuming the bellyrub incident made you stop doing delegations

No, bellyrub didnt pay his fee, but masterbot bailout on his lease with me so i took his 500steems deposit.

It will be interesting when the real @dang007 chimes in. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Especially when phishing for free STEEM. Can't trick the Neoxian bank. The only one like it on Steemit.

And yes, i'm concerned about steemconnect.


He did chime in, see comment above. Dang has control of his accounts now.

Always disappointing when people choose to use there skillsets in a way to be dishonest and steal.

I’m at least thankful Steemit made a change to indicate if a link goes off site. Some people just don’t think before they click or are just too tired to think much of it. Even more so when it comes from a “trusted” source.

This just leaves discords and other places that are a bit risk if people are not thinking or moving too fast to notice something not quite right. I always laugh little bit when someone hits me up in discord for an “upvote” as I’m just a tiny little guy. I tend to use block and move on. I hate to think the massive amount of attempts people try on large accounts. I’m hoping in future we have something to better combat wallet spam/phishing attempts.

I’m glad you least ask questions and want to go the more legal route when it comes to lending out funds. Far to many people are not use to things like having to create or sign contracts when it comes to cryptocurrency world and how “wild west” they like it to be.

I myself much rather work ten times harder if need be for an honest buck. I don't know how some people can sleep at night the way they conduct themselves.

@neoxian You are a bank & no one can scam you with that ease, lol. You are one of the best bank I have ever seen here on steemit. I am just planning to get some loan from you. Just waiting for the right time.

when a person who already have that much money why would he take loan hahah the scammer don't even have a little sight of brain

This is so interesting! Great detective work x

So amazed at how the scammer chatted to you afterwards.

Dang that was quite dangerous. Lol. He even offered the real dang's posting key. It seems that this guy has some talents, why not put it to good use. If he/she could share something beneficial he could earn that 500 steem.

sad but people are lazy and it's easier to steal than to earn, think of risk:reward ratio. It's hard to jail him, it's hard to prove he's a scamy slime, plus earning that 500 steem will take a while.

It's free lunch if you get it, usually they just cash out, the sad part is they are usually screwing over the smaller accounts, basically destroying the work that went into it, imagine it like this, you make 500 steem, some guy just takes it, the blame is on you and you have nothing to show for what you were doing ... he's happy he got his free lunch and goes about his day, scamming more people.

Sometimes the story is different, more complex, but that's rare.

Lolz I really don't know what he was thinking !

He probably had no idea who he really was dealing with ;)

Wow. Unreal! Thanks for taking the time to screen shot everything and explain. Super helpful for us still trying to learn.

Oh my. Scary times... Good thing you're a good and smart bank! Lol. These people just don't have anything better to do. Tsk tsk.

This is serious, why the hell did some people will just wake up one day and want to other cry, rob them their hard earning. Try and be careful and I thing original Dang show change is key to afford this kind of mess next. I am so happy for you that you don't fall for this.

Good work @neoxian ...You have played a good detective...



it was horrible ... i can not imagine it. thanks for sharing sir.

oh that was close, if it had been me i would have sent my steem... Holy crap, people do lot of shitty stuffs out here, phishing is one of them..

Smart that you did not take the bait. Learn from the master banker! Thanks.

bank will take serious action on people like these they don't deserve to be here

Oh man! To my side, I always observe then when I feel and study it was phishing? I quickly reset my password! Actually I reset it 4x now! The last is just past 2weeks! Be careful guys! Do not open any comment with their URL saying, (for more info click this link etc.) What ever it is! Do not open! Never ever click that link...

wow friend are you intelligent

You got the Bait and tackle!

Thanks for keeping it real.

Oh my God!! It's really creepy thing which is occurring nowadays frequently. That should be stop
How can they scam someone for just few rupees?? They are bloody asshole and should be ban them forever
Dang is the only one example. There are many nowadays on stemeit discord and Unbelievable

scamer always following you & target you. we know you are a one of the best activity at this community that's why they are trying to be with you. please be careful about this issue. every where have some bad people also, so be careful any time any place any where.

Thank you for this post but this is really not good. How could this happen and who do you contact to let them know that it is happening? Can you provide some more insight as to how you think he was able to get both of the real Dang's keys?

He got them via a Phishing attack. By tricking someone into visiting a fake site like "sleemit(dot)com" that looks exactly like the real thing.

Ahh, Ok I understand, Thank you.

Was about asking samething, the main security is to always look out links we click as they are dangerous, got phising attempts twice now. lets becareful.

most browsers show where the link takes, just read for a split second, it's something that makes a difference, even if everything is the same, it kind of feels wrong.

Best case would be to never do anything with funds unless you are sure about it, if it's important people can wait, whenever there is a rush there must be a good reason for it, most of the times there isn't, they just push you, push and then you crack and there is no going back :|

so be prepared and be cautious, @neoxian did well here, although he did cross the line and if the scammer was smarter he could have played it off, still the guy had no chance.

yea true though, watchdog is the watch word.
still every one should be careful with clicking of links

WARNING! The comment below by @neoxian leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

You are really smart and know pretty well how to deal with these scammers.

phiser and scammer are everywhere. Nice you are on full guard and don't take it.
we have to be really carefull.

Lol spammer is in comment section too,need to kick these idiots from our community,great job @neoxian.

Cant cheat neoxian,its next to impossible.

a big thanks of you for this share this post. you tell us he starts out with you getting a message from "Dang" &Dang have a 13k worth of Steem available but he need just 500 steem. omg! they are makes a big trap for you. that's good you caught it & find out they are fraud with you. we are also be alert that's why firstly say a big thanks to you. because we are now be careful about this issue. you are a genious boss. salute you.

you are a genious & talented man that's why you recognize them. but we are nothing to know about this kind of scam. when you guyz are share with us by a post then we are learning for that. any way thanks god Dang can't do anything to you. always careful your self & best wishes for you.

The Future is Neoxian bank,cant spam that easily.

oh my god! are you okay now? Fake Dang's are too dangours. they are target you so be carefjl about it.

Thanks god. they are target of you sir, so please be alert. we are always with you, edpecually me. i am a big fan of you. first time you reply my comment so i am very happy & excited.

i want to thank you sir from my heart. you visit my blog, this is a very big gift for me. i am so happy today sir. i am big fan of you. please keep me in your touch.

Cant outsmart you,you are such an amazing bank,you came up great idea.

wow this is serious and unbelievable. scammers everywhere, so steemians beware. thanks to @neoxian for this eye opener. i really appreciate the insight towards discovering scammers on steemit

@neoxian please dear be careful to scamer because they are danger. you know that better for me. i think some bad bank emoloyer be imvolbe this scam. their mind is sharpe you know that. day by day scamer attact to you because every one know that @neoxian is the champion. so please be careful your self & take action & protection also. best wishes for you from my heart.

Phisher tried to again scam you. i thinj you should be a good action of them. please can't trick the Neoxian bank. he is the only one like it on steemit. & you @neoxian be careful & always alert your self. keep it up your success. scamer can't do anything of you. you are the genious.

That is crazy that this guy was trying to get 1000 Steem and acted like a coke addict about it. Sniffle Sniffle...need it now, hurry up with that money, need to get my next fix. Seriously who asks for a $2k loan and thinks they have the right to be pushy like that other then a scammer.

Nice catch, glad you didn't get screwed.

It doesn't come easy to imitate someone.Putting a same name is easy but you cant have same amount of talent and zeal ...U are drowned to hell now

Nice catch. They're everywhere it seems. Using Jerry for comments and I guess Dang and others for chats.

Very nice. Phishers are always entertaining.

"I can accept 500 steem but send it too changelly"


I'll throw you a witness vote.

Just let me know if we need to get the Mafia involved 😀

Mafia loan ;)

Also how did you get emojis to work on steemit?

I just use my phone

Hmm..I use it too but the emoji just never get put in for me

Glad to know the thief didnt succeed, i need to read more about these keys and what they do so i can protect my account. I have read some scary revelations about how keys are being stolen through malicious websites.
Let us try and keep this platform clean and free from spammers, mining steem is hard enough especially for us newbies, leaving with the pain of losing your funds to a scammer is too much hell.

phishing is always -> log here you need to do it now, it's a matter of life and death think for your family and your security, you have to be sure :D ....

it's a scar yeah, but you live through it, plus those people are the kinds that don't learn, well whatever works if not there are more fish in the sea, so basically you are just flesh to them ...

Keys are permissions over you account, owner = ownership(meaning you can change the keys), active = everything below (funds and all activity) posting is just social activity (votes, posts, claim balance) and memo key allows for encrypted messaging.

in short keep your keys secure, don't use them unless you are sure, and you'd be 95% secure if you just read and be on point, other will miss the mark, learn how things work around here and the world, it's not that different we have a scaled model of the real world over here :)

Things are still building up, but the three points are

  • Where you use your keys? is it the correct site URL
    This is the major part of the problem, people aren't diligent enough,
  • Who are you talking with, can he identify whatever he claims to be
    Someone asks your keys, ask for his :D it's only fair that way, verify the trade is "secure" then do it, don't just listen to people's bullshit out of the blue
  • When and Why is Whatever happening,
    If it's the middle of the night you might be prone to miss out on some details, or if you are rushed and tired the same applies. Better let it go

just risk assess whatever you do, does it work and is it worth it, not only but is there real value or is it just perceived and prescribed lies and bullshit.

So yeah things are still building up here, but the principles are the same since online games were around, "Don't tell anyone your password" :)

Good luck, stray away from scammers, they just take advantage and don't give two craps about it.

Thanks man, this is very educative. I just need to keep my eyes open. Can one log onto his or her steemit account with the other keys as well? Other than the owner key.

depends on the site, some you need the active, some you need the posting, oh on steemit you can log with your posting, the idea is to keep the active secure, and the owner basically you need to know the risk, you can get locked out of your account if someone gets that and changes your keys, then you have to contact your recovery account and it's great there is such an option, but in short be careful with the owner key, refrain from using it and don't keep in on your pc desktop :D

so yeah, now I'm thinking I could have responded with "try it out" :D keep your mind open, learn mate, just learn, try, break, fix and try again :P in this case the worst that can happen if you try is you have to login again because you don't have your active key or posting key, plus things might change so you have to be on your toes.

too many comments :D same as the above

You played him like a pro

Ooops!! we should take action against this type of fake peoples -_-

There are so many bad people working to create these problems in the bank account, who are trying to steal the common people's money at hacking stages and I think that action should be taken and they should be handed over to the law because one of them may be victim of hacking and their There will be a lot of penalties!

yeah but people should be responsible with their "assets" of whatever kind, knowing how scams work and how to be secure are important, people need to take the facts seriously, some people are ok with stealing because they say "fuck it" "it's not fair" and they justify being sociopaths.

oh my god!! thanks god for safe have to more carefull.god bless you.

How did you know that you can accept rewards with just a posting key?

Because I log in using my Posting key, which is what you should do, and I'm able to accept rewards without being prompted for an active key.

I hope you are not using your Owner key to log on. You should never do this.

Somethmes by getting phished, you find new ways of preventing em, even savin people.
you didnt exactly get phished, but u saved ur self
thats not easy
whats appreciable is you posted this, and many people got to know
thats great work

Hahaha. Good job sir, it's not easy to loot a bank

Holy shit got me those goosebumps reading to all your conversation and if it weren't for your title my heart beating would have gone crazy.

Glad you got that bloody scammer and thanks for sharing it to make us aware of these scams.

I laughed at the dialogue. @dang007 asking for a loan? ..that's so impossible ...

You can say that again.

hahha you pissed that scammer off great work

these scammers are just getting professional day by day but you are smart

Just not to you man,Many days ago I face this problem.Many people have badly scaming work.There are some people who want to make money without working. These are the deceitful people.Every one they called scammer.Please be careful.

Bro you did a good work! A clever one and if I was you, I might get trapped!
I know @dang007 from very beginning of my STEEMIT journey and once I paid for his vote bot @khoa too! He did a fair business and I think it didn't go well!
Anyway, this is a good lesson for all of us!


you just don't saved yourself but many others too :)

you were smart too that you tried your best and even earned a vote lol ;p Genius @neoxian

yes sir it's happened with many people... i heard it... plz stay careful sir...

Your posts are so beautiful,

Ha ha ha !!!! OMG...
What an interesting writing... i!!!!!!!!!!!!

so creepy...

Never lend anyone money / crypto @neoxian. Period! Your kindness will not be appreciated 90% of the time.

for some reason you are exactly right on the numbers :D so far, I was scammed once, two people didn't return a dime so far, but for some reason things on steem are ok, all the people I've had contact with here have been trustworthy and quite on point.

It takes a while, but yeah I'd say don't do it willy nilly and have some sort of failsafe(contract) still it's quite hard and whenever you do it you have to be sure about what you are putting on the line, it's not only money but relationships as well sometime.

I do hope people get more responsible with their dealings, falling for scams is never nice :|

how did he get their keys?

you are really smart and so pretty well. good work. thanks for share

very crazy attempts, one had to be careful because of all this

good inform...i hope its essential..
carry on

@neoxian Oh He was a really big scammer

very good post @neoxian
good luck 👍👍

it was me....

Gues u n me take same quality ...


Buy me a new one Bro... i want to outsmart u next tym lol

Better luck next time. Maybe you should lay off those drugs. Tends to hamper the thinking ability.

this weed ain't getting me to the level that I need to be,- I'm only going to the dispensaries after this week

Everybody is a genius.

But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb trees , it will live it's whole life thinking that's it's not.

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