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RE: Phisher tried to scam me today. Could not outsmart a Bank

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Glad to know the thief didnt succeed, i need to read more about these keys and what they do so i can protect my account. I have read some scary revelations about how keys are being stolen through malicious websites.
Let us try and keep this platform clean and free from spammers, mining steem is hard enough especially for us newbies, leaving with the pain of losing your funds to a scammer is too much hell.


phishing is always -> log here you need to do it now, it's a matter of life and death think for your family and your security, you have to be sure :D ....

it's a scar yeah, but you live through it, plus those people are the kinds that don't learn, well whatever works if not there are more fish in the sea, so basically you are just flesh to them ...

Keys are permissions over you account, owner = ownership(meaning you can change the keys), active = everything below (funds and all activity) posting is just social activity (votes, posts, claim balance) and memo key allows for encrypted messaging.

in short keep your keys secure, don't use them unless you are sure, and you'd be 95% secure if you just read and be on point, other will miss the mark, learn how things work around here and the world, it's not that different we have a scaled model of the real world over here :)

Things are still building up, but the three points are

  • Where you use your keys? is it the correct site URL
    This is the major part of the problem, people aren't diligent enough,
  • Who are you talking with, can he identify whatever he claims to be
    Someone asks your keys, ask for his :D it's only fair that way, verify the trade is "secure" then do it, don't just listen to people's bullshit out of the blue
  • When and Why is Whatever happening,
    If it's the middle of the night you might be prone to miss out on some details, or if you are rushed and tired the same applies. Better let it go

just risk assess whatever you do, does it work and is it worth it, not only but is there real value or is it just perceived and prescribed lies and bullshit.

So yeah things are still building up here, but the principles are the same since online games were around, "Don't tell anyone your password" :)

Good luck, stray away from scammers, they just take advantage and don't give two craps about it.

Thanks man, this is very educative. I just need to keep my eyes open. Can one log onto his or her steemit account with the other keys as well? Other than the owner key.

depends on the site, some you need the active, some you need the posting, oh on steemit you can log with your posting, the idea is to keep the active secure, and the owner basically you need to know the risk, you can get locked out of your account if someone gets that and changes your keys, then you have to contact your recovery account and it's great there is such an option, but in short be careful with the owner key, refrain from using it and don't keep in on your pc desktop :D

so yeah, now I'm thinking I could have responded with "try it out" :D keep your mind open, learn mate, just learn, try, break, fix and try again :P in this case the worst that can happen if you try is you have to login again because you don't have your active key or posting key, plus things might change so you have to be on your toes.

too many comments :D same as the above

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