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RE: Phisher tried to scam me today. Could not outsmart a Bank

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Thank you for this post but this is really not good. How could this happen and who do you contact to let them know that it is happening? Can you provide some more insight as to how you think he was able to get both of the real Dang's keys?


He got them via a Phishing attack. By tricking someone into visiting a fake site like "sleemit(dot)com" that looks exactly like the real thing.

Ahh, Ok I understand, Thank you.

Was about asking samething, the main security is to always look out links we click as they are dangerous, got phising attempts twice now. lets becareful.

most browsers show where the link takes, just read for a split second, it's something that makes a difference, even if everything is the same, it kind of feels wrong.

Best case would be to never do anything with funds unless you are sure about it, if it's important people can wait, whenever there is a rush there must be a good reason for it, most of the times there isn't, they just push you, push and then you crack and there is no going back :|

so be prepared and be cautious, @neoxian did well here, although he did cross the line and if the scammer was smarter he could have played it off, still the guy had no chance.

yea true though, watchdog is the watch word.
still every one should be careful with clicking of links

WARNING! The comment below by @neoxian leads to a known phishing site that could steal your account.
Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

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