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Hello, dear readers of my blog. In this article, I decided to write a review about the project BankDex Exchange. Currently, there are approximately 700 markets around the world. With the rapid development of technologies of cryptography, these services are in demand, but it is often not fully meet the expectation of the traders. In this area, there are huge risks associated with protection, transparency, liquidity.

All technological processes developed by highly qualified specialists aimed to solve the current problems in this area. BankDex Exchange offers its vision of practice-based and innovative optimized solutions for this. The project wants efficiently to eliminate issues with its concept and to improve communication between traders.

There is a centralized and decentralized exchange. For those who have had experience with centralized exchanges, knows that users face several challenges existing in this field. Among them, the first is to note the verification of the participant. Which in itself contradicts the idea of the introduction of Blockchain technology. I passed the identity verification, and not happy that the so-called third parties, is my data. The main disadvantage, in my opinion, is created a database, which can be stolen by hackers and they can use the information for their purposes. The centralized exchange acts as an intermediary between traders and earns a commission on each transaction, that is the earnings sharing. In the case of DDoS attacks, the stock market will pause and freeze the money of the users, because it controls all the assets.


Large transaction fees.

DDoS attacks on exchanges and wallets of customers.

Problems with input/output.

Obsolete equipment with a delay in the processing of transactions.

Difficulty switching between different trading algorithms.

Slow customer support service.

Some exchanges serve only their interests. Users just have to deal with the current situation, to withdraw their assets. On this basis, the exchange, which will provide the best conditions for trading, will quickly take a worthy place in the market, matching its reputation.

All of the development processes of a group of specialists from technology to project infrastructure and activities in the field of regulation of the process aimed at solving the current problems in this field of activity. The goal of the platform is to create a safe and convenient exchange of cryptocurrencies.

An important advantage of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is the interaction between the user, directly, without intermediaries. However, there exist several issues, limited functionality, liquidity, and others.
BankDex provides a solution for both types of exchanges:

Combining different blockchain
Includes intra-chain transaction
Combined with any network
Confidentiality of exchange of tokens
Supports cheap the transaction


On BankDex traders can trade BTC, ETH, and erc20 tokens. BankDex built at high speed, with powerful servers, making a quick transaction. All information about trade, deposits, and withdrawals of funds are stored transparently in the blockchain. The main base is built and governed by smart contracts. Qualitative feature of the platform, it is worth noting the Association of the different cryptocurrencies from the different blockchain.
BankDex interface is a very user-friendly platform, as it includes all transaction details, i.e. data on the money orders and much more.

Без названия (2).png

SAM is the token of the platform and for users that hold these tokens, bonuses. Also, the token used for the exchange and transactions within the platform, with the best options for participants in the system. BankDex seeks to provide a multi-functional structure of trade, which will efficiently use all the advantages of a decentralized exchange and to combine safety, speed and ease of use for all members of the company.

I want to say that the idea is not new, but promising. The project the achievement of the plan. Studied the project and found it reliable. Useful solution team. Security Finance is a priority.

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Thanks for the review, understandably and efficiently. A promising and necessary idea, the team tried and developed an excellent project.

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Very good project at which the objects and the tasks therefore I see in this project only success are accurately set and I recommend to all to take part in him

There are many projects now, but this one is very promising and of high quality, with an excellent team.

Great review, keep it up!

Don't miss your chance to take part in their promising ICO token sale.

Cryptocurrency exchange continues to be a hot topic. I think the project has every chance of becoming popular.

Very good project at which the objects and the tasks therefore I see in this project only success are accurately set and I recommend to all to take part in him.

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