Crash JP Morgan - Own Physical Silver 2020

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Let's end the manipulators - NOW is the time to own physical precious metal!

And if you don't hold it, you don't own it!


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Pit of Hell


Crash JPM - Own Physical Silver 2010

Silver Warcry (2009 by Stellaconcepts)

In memory of Charlie McGrath (crabbydogtrix)

Banks guilty of massive precious metal price rigging conspiracy

Share this video, and upload your own! Let's crash the fraudulent paper silver scam!





Got my 215oz of physical silver!
Upvoted and resteemed :D

Wow nice stack! Is that in bars, coins, junk? The guys who say "one ounce of physical silver" when stating their holdings in those crash JP Morgan videos really cracks us up. Gotta start somewhere though, and brag about it to get others to start :)

My thoughts of JP Morgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon.

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Knife throwing is such a fun and useful hobby hehe :-) :-D ;)

I adapt and make do since there is a stupid ban on ninja Shurikens in Canada.

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What if they're ready for this strategy and somehow have a way to counter it, or make it backfire on us?!

lol I fuckin' love that clip of the silver bars falling...that finale still makes me laugh my ass off!

Just saw the silver dump

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