How I will survive financially in 2020

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Hi @shortsegments
This is my entry in the contest.

To be honest I am going to follow the rules of the Book Richest man in Babylon

  1. Pay myself first- like 10% of every check,
  2. Invest my money on in money making ventures-I am going with index funds
  3. Watch my money like a hawk and only invest in stuff that preserves my capitol- that’s why index funds
  4. Live below my means, invest my raises-no new car, phone, etc this year. My old stuff works just fine.
  5. Rinse and repeat. I think if this becomes a habit I am cool. I am not skimping , just not buying stuff I don’t need




Write a post about what you did differently in your financial life in 2020 to survive financially and what advice do you have for readers.
Tag the post #bankingandfinance
Title it
“How I will survive 2020 Financially!
Submit by midnight HST July 4th, 2020.


This essay won 3rd place in the contest.

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