Bar forced to change creative name because of social justice warriors (DaNang)

in #bars2 months ago

The bar was previously known as Escobar and it was a restaurant and bar. They did not glorify Pablo Escobar but they did feature a single image of him on the sign that was out front. The restaurant itself had no gangster theme, nor was it trying to say anything about Colombia, or Pablo himself. I think you would correctly argue that the TV shows about Pablo did a lot more to glorify his life than this restaurant with an inventive name ever did, but that didn't stop the SJW's from coming out of the woodwork and threaten to "cancel" this new business despite the fact that every business is struggling right now.


This was what the front of the place used to look like and I thought it was a very creative name and design. Sure Pablo did some bad things to some people but guess what folks, he is not the only person to ever be involved in the drug game and he is dead now. So i don't see the problem honestly.

A bunch of people who were comprised of mostly foreigners (not Vietnamese) got a group together to protest the name of this place and then threaten to write bad reviews of the place and "cancel" them online if they don't change the name and issue an apology. These kinds of people are the scum of the earth if you ask me. Was it in slightly bad taste naming your business after a drug lord? I suppose to a certain degree yes, but I'm more along the lines of really being sick of SJW's getting their noses stuck into everything. This new business is geared almost entirely towards foreign visitors, so they nee d the foreign audience. This group of SJW's were threatening to write bogus negative reviews until the reputation of this business was ruined and it has only been open a few months and hasn't even experienced a proper tourist season yet.


So the establishment capitulated claiming that they didn't know that Pablo Escobar is a bad dude... which we all know is a total lie but what are you gonna do. I just wonder if the SJW mob will lay off now that they have accomplished their rather stupid (IMO) goal. The place had to reprint all of its gear, menus, customized glassware, and promotional materials at a time when they already struggle to get customers and therefore, money.


So to the trouble makers out there that made this happen and I know who some of you are but will not dox you because I am not like you, you guys suck. You took something fun and harmless and made a big deal about it and won. Personally, I wish the guy would have laughed at you and told you all to F**K off.