base64 encryption explained - photographs posted directly on the blockchain

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As you probably know, the SteemIt stores the images on AWS cloud servers. This is different from the texts (post content), which are stored in block-chain (e.g. lots of peer-to-peer nodes storing duplicate and immutable) contents.


You may find a recent post of mine a little concerning. Perhaps HIVE and STEEM witnesses should be. What the post contains is a base64 encryption of a photograph. The encrypted image resides on the blockchain. A copy will be on every HIVE witness server as we speak.

How was such a images encrypted?

Allow me to explain how it would be done under Linux, although it is able to be done on all Windoze boxes as well.

Coverting binary image to base64 and writing results to output.txt:

Let's take as an example an images of an anaconda. The following command will create the base64 encryption of the photograph and place it in the text file output.txt.

$base64 anaconda_PNG15.png > output.txt

Decoding the contents of output.txt and printing it to an image format:

$base64 -d output.txt > anaconda_PNG15_2.png

You will want to know the file extension of the encrypted photograph. In the example photograph in my post you will need to use the extension png.

There will be a 100 STEEM token reward for the first user to post the decrypted photograph from my post to the comments of this post, below.

Happy decrypting!



novacadian (58)in #base648 hours ago (edited)

There will be a 100 STEEM token reward for the first user to post the decrypted photograph from my post to the comments of this post, below.

It seems you can't even give STEEM away these days. 😎

Yes indeed, so it would seem lol. I am afraid such technical endeavors ((my definition of such ranges from tying my shoelaces to placing one foot before the other!!!)) are way beyond my simple mind.

Kudos to you for doing your part to make the platform interesting and foster a little engagement and fun, it does not go un-noticed although at times it may feel fruitless...

Take great care and enjoy that uncharacteristically beautiful UK sun we are being treated to right now, it is far too scarce a commodity to be taken for granted lol :)

Thanks for your input! It must have felt a bit the same on the Titanic after the lifeboats had launched. 🥺

I have no idea what any of this means. I paint with oil paints.

It is a means to put pictures of your painting on the blockchain, as opposed to a centralized AWS cloud servers, in base64 encrypted format just like the text of posts are saved. It would make your images as immutable and the same longevity as the blockchain itself.

Sure you can send me some and tell me what to use it on :P XD

P.S. Yeah that would be a cool way for me to get you the 10k of @devcoin to you. Would you be cool in receiving STEEM and then #DevSTEEM - ing with @devcoin for DVC? Sound cool? Would love to get that debt off my conscience. 😎

I'd rather wait for the real thing and be linked in history to someone I respect. =P

DVC: 1NfV9p9qmNDmXEcJnjC3dPmrsJrcBYrE8i

Kind of you to say. We shall have made such a link in the history of this chain at least.

Speaking of which have you been following the Lightning Network vs Liquid drama of late? It finally fell in front of me very recently. It took my mind to thinking of a D-BTC for speed of scalability transfers with a modest fee. After all DVC is a merged mined token...

Haven't been reading so much about current crypto but have been reading about companies like Zenith Electronics (I passed the old Zenith, now Abt building in Niles today while I was working. Go figure!) and electrical circuited systems (Teletex: that were sort of like the Internet before the IETF and NWG/ISI RFCs of the early 80s :)

Can we lease a direct line to relay the proper value for our beloved coin?!

So yes I will look into that my friend. :)

BTW, Prestel is a little mindblowing. Helps you realize something about the internets (plural), private blocks of IP addresses that connect to it from ancient "apps" of the days I was not on this Earth myself. All so more interesting every time I care enough to ask "how did we get here?" Which is a lot =P

Prestel (abbrev. from press telephone), the brand name for the UK Post Office's Viewdata technology, was an interactive videotex system developed during the late 1970s and commercially launched in 1979. It achieved a maximum of 90,000 subscribers in the UK and was eventually sold by BT in 1994.
The technology was a forerunner of on-line services today.

Wow, sounds like pre-AOL to me. 🤓

My mind started meandering the other day when contemplating having only power coming from a diesel generator (getting ready to get the house wired to plug it in). Thought that throwing a partial volt to laid out copper lines would not even factor in on power rationing. With the lit up copper then we could have local telephones connecting to BBSs via modems. Keeping blockchains updated would be slower yet so would frequency of transactions most likely. We used to proudly promise email from coast to coast taking no more than 2 days on TKC BBS. 🤓

Sometimes a slower world is a nice thing.

For connecting outside of the copper lines then audio signals over CB radio waves could be used using modem protocols. Read an article on it in the Sinclair magazine in the 80's.

Welcome to the Mad Max Network, please enter the amount of minutes you would like to purchase. 🤓

@novacadian by the source does DVC mean "The Source" as in pre-AOL :D

btw did you happen to write about base64 - say I dk, because pre-release "bitcoin" from Nov 2008 had it all over its original main.cpp and main.h file? Hehe

... tell me what to use it on

To exchange it for goods? There was a post on my feed a few weeks back that STEEM was now a part of one of those crypto to fiat card systems. Pretty blank on anything more about it other than exchanging it for @devcoin at unbelievable prices like 10,000:1 or something?!?

I’m here for the 100 Steem giveaway .... where that at ? I don’t understand any of this ... what ?

That's why the prize was so big. 😎

A user on HIVE won on the mirror post there.

Everybody wants Steem. Since the News about Shopify.

Hmmm... had been putting out sell orders for 2500 satoshi waiting for the weekly spikes but maybe it would be good to hold off for a bit to see where the price goes. Thanks for the tip.

Well... the News has been out for a while on this. Maybe it’s what is holding it at .20 while Hive drops day after day ? Not sure what to do anymore

Both HIVE and STEEM have proved to me to both be a failure in terms of governance. Have been trading HIVE for XMR through @blocktrades and recently started selling STEEM on the 2500 satoshi spikes on poloniex. Feeling real bullish on XMR. Will probably leave my HIVE and STEEM accounts at minnow status and milk high paying content creators using the autovote dapps; just dropping round to trade off the powered down tokens.

My feeling is that the next workable DPoS chain will come out of the OpenOrchard team which is basically the old steemit devs.

I am Looking forward to getting my $7,000 Blurt coins and hoping my $ 117,000 Smoke tokens are worth something some day... ha ha .... very happy with my Bitcoins.

I have been sending Steem to Poloniex to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum on the dips. Even bought some Dogecoin in my new Atomic Wallet.

Yeah a lot of the Crypto Tea Leaf readers seem to be hyped on ETH. Had no idea that Minds is using ETH to broker their tokens until my listening to that OpenOrchard interview linked in the comment earlier in this thread.

Oh yeah... I need to check in on my Minds blog.... I had a lot there

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