Week 10 Power Rankings

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  1. New York Yankees 42-18: Yankees lost another starter when Tanaka tried to score from third and hurt both hamstrings.
  2. Boston Red Sox 44-22: BoSox lost 2 of 3 to the ChiSox. Not a series you can lose when trying to overtake the division.
  3. Milwaukee Brewers 39-26: Brewers are just 4 and 6 since Davies hit the DL.
  4. Seattle Mariners 41-24: 7-2 in June so far.
  5. Houston Astros 41-25: Correa is expected back this week after missing 4 straight games.
  6. Atlanta Braves 37-27: Washington has finally caught up to the baby Braves but that doesn't diminish their accomplishments.
  7. Philadelphia Phillies 33-30: The Phillies still need to do better than 10-15 in the NL East if they want to compete.
  8. Chicago Cubs 37-25: The Cubbies have hit their stride winning 11 of the last 14 games.
  9. Washington Nationals 36-26: As Daniel Murphy is about to return, Strasburg lands on the DL.
  10. St. Louis Cardinals 35-28: Cards got some bad news this week as rookie phenom Alex Reyes was lost for the year.
  11. Los Angeles Angels 37-29: Angels are worried that Ohtani might need Tommy John surgery. It'd mean another wasted year in Trout's prime.
  12. Colorado Rockies 32-32: Swept by the surging Dodgers and division leading D-backs this week. Not good.
  13. Oakland Athletics 33-32: Just a tough team to figure out.
  14. Tampa Bay Rays 29-35: Had lost 8 straight before Saturday's win. 1-9 in the last 10.
  15. Arizona D-Backs 34-29: They still lead the NL West and Goldschmidt is getting back to being an MVP candidate.
  16. Cleveland Indians 34-29: 16-9 versus the putrid Central and 18-20 versus everyone else.
  17. Pittsburgh Pirates 32-33: The offseason sell off is finally starting to take it's toll on the team.
  18. San Francisco Giants 32-32: Madbum's return is a huge boost.
  19. Los Angeles Dodgers 32-32: The Dodgers are horrible at keeping starters healthy. Ryu, Hill, Kershaw, and Santana are all on the DL with Buehler ready to join in.
  20. New York Mets 27-34: deGrom is the only reason to watch the Mets and he might be on the Yankees soon.
  21. Detroit Tigers 31-36: Holding their own for a team with a lot of underperforming high priced players.
  22. Minnesota Twins 28-34: Bryon Buxton continually disappoints.
  23. San Diego Padres 31-36: Padres nearly had another no hitter this week. Really trying hard for that franchises first.
  24. Toronto Blue Jays 30-35: Vlad Jr. Watch is officially on hold since he will miss the next 4 weeks with a knee injury.
  25. Texas Rangers 27-40: Gallo is the prototype for what's wrong with the MLB today.
  26. Miami Marlins 23-42: 3-3 this week after a 1-9 streak.
  27. Cincinnati Reds 23-43: Reds beat the Cards for the first time in 14 tries this weekend.
  28. Kansas City Royals 22-43: Lost 7 of the past 9. The bottom teams are getting worse.
  29. Chicago White Sox 22-41: A good week for the ChiSox after taking 2 of 3 from both the Red Sox and Brewers.
  30. Baltimore Orioles 19-45: Of 150 teams MLB and MiLB teams, only one has a record under .300...
    The 19-45 Baltimore Orioles (.297).

Love it that the Mariners are one above the Astros in your power rankings. Sweet! Go Mariners.

when Tanaka tried to score from third and hurt both hamstrings.

Omg, I wish him speedy recovery....

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