Wanna take a guess on this one?

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let me tell you...

=> its our education system.

We've been systematically programmed to climb this

academic ladder, going to school, then going to college

for higher education.

do you remember, we previously sent out an email on

how to achieve UBI- Universal Basic Income?

(discussing 2 solutions- letting go of welfare, and increasing

taxes for rich people)

lets discuss the third one...

do you realise that the education debt, just in the US is on

the scale of trillions of dollars...

...we'll come back to this fact, but lets first look at another


is the college/university education really helping us?

a study was done, showing that 80% of the success in jobs

is because of emotional intelligence & soft skills

(something that's NOT taught in colleges/universities)

and just 20% is because of technical knowledge- what's

taught in higher education institutions...

so in other words, going to college/university, paying

hundreds of thousands of dollars, is only contributing

20% to a person's success in his career...

=> this my friend, is what we call as the bubble!!

this debt, of trillions of dollars could have been distributed

as basic income to people...

...and we would have reached a step closer to solving

the problem of poverty!

but hey, its the entire 'system'...

...you won't get a good job unless & until you've been

to a good college.

this system, has wasted billions of dollars and screws

millions of people every year...

thankfully, gradually, with the emergence of internet

and now blockchain & cryptocurrency, a shift is happening...

...and how exactly? let me tell you!

you see, the corrupt system which 'screws' people is controlled

by a group of people, involving the banks, government etc...

whenever there's control by a small group of people,

there are chances of corruption.

systems built on blockchain, are decentralised...

...bitcoin, for example, or any other cryptocurrency

is "people's money", in a way, because it doesn't have 1

governing authority. its a digital currency.

without getting into a lot of technicalities on this matter...

...let me tell you, that the idea of 'basic income' when

implemented through blockchain & cryptocurrency

will do wonders! :)

and the way you can be benefitted from it, is by positioning

yourself to get massive returns...

...when 'Basic Income' shifts to a blockchain and basic

income tokens get converted to a cryptocurrency on a 1:1


demand for this cryptocurrency will obviously be huge,

because it solves the biggest problem in the world...

=> poverty (hands down, bar none- the biggest problem)

and if you have something valuable, which people want

to buy...

...guess who's getting RICH...its YOU, !!

the good news is that as of today, you can get the basic

income tokens for free...

...claim your daily 100 tokens

...get 500 tokens for every member you refer

lets crush it :)

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