Upvoting Rules You Must Know!

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Hello everyone today I'm going to tell you some rules you should know before you upvote. Upvoting is one of the best ways to earn rewards. But you need some strategies. Knowing when and where to upvote can make a huge difference. Here are some rules about upvoting for better results.

I recommended to upvote your own posts at least once a day, it will increase some visibility and likely to get more vote.

There is something known as a reverse auction. Here's the best and worst time to vote.

  • Any upvotes before 15min you give 99% curation rewards back to the author and you get 1% of the reward.
  • If you upvote between 15min - 30min after a post submitted, the author gets 50% and you receive 50% curation reward.
  • If you have patience and you able to wait. Any upvotes after 30min you will receive 100% curation reward.

When a minnow votes before the whale, the minnow will have a good portion of the curation rewards. If a whale vote first, the minnow will get very little or no curation reward.



Your upvotes will worth less the more you do in the 24 hours time frame. Every time you upvote something your voting power goes down by 2%. The recommended amount of upvotes is 10-15 a day.

A lot of people focus on upvoting content that is trending and has already made hundreds of dollars. The truth is you only earn a small portion of the rewards by doing this! So don’t vote on content that is already popular.

Timing is everything, be early to vote on a quality content. This is a Great site to check how much rewards you'll be getting from the upvote you made. http://steemstats.com



Thank you so much! I am very inexperienced at Steemit and this post was very clear, concise, and helpful!

Thank you for this! I have wondered about these things before. This has been resteemed to help spreaf tge lesson:)

Great post tnx for sharing steemit all the way check out my new post upvote resteem comment @gclipse

Sounds really strange... but please upvote haha!

Ahaha yeah everything is strange

Oh really? Lord me I didn't know about the upvoting before and after a whale's vote. You know one think about Steemit community is that we learn everyday, just when you think you understand it all, you read a post and learn a few more things. Thank you very much.

That means the strategy is to find a good article that you believe will gets a whale's upvote. Upvote it before the whales but not to early so you don't lose your Curation reward to the author. This is interesting, now I know why am not making it from Curation.

Timing and what you're voting on is very important. Best of luck my friend!

Thanks for this post, resteemed for information purposes!

Thank you, I appreciate that

I always wondered how upvotes work on steemit. Now I know. Thanks for sharing. Going to resteem so that others can get benefit from this. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much

Resteemed! The things you learn!! Lol thank you for sharing !

Very nice of you @earthmother Thank you!

Thks for the information.. I have been looking for who to ask about how upvoting works but here you are like an angel with the answer.. Thk you so much bro! @vaansteam

You're very kind my friend! Don't mention it!

I'm always learning something new in here. THANKS for the information friend @vaansteam is really good, I actually didn't know that

Your welcome @skullangs We all have something to learn every day :)

very important information, thanks for share with us.

Your welcome

Don't get too click happy too quickly. Got it! :-)

Ahaha right wait a bit :)

Thanks for the advice, this is really nice of you

You're very welcome!

Wow, this is great. I am honored to benefit from your wonderful experience. Thank you my dear brother @vaansream for your advice and information.
I wish you more success and brilliance

Your welcome brother :) have a nice day!

Very useful, I had no idea about the 0-15-30 minute thing.

Now you know. Good luck to you!

Great info.
There is one thing I couldn’t find anywhere. Let’s say my voting power is not that high. For example only $0.05. If I upvote after 30 min but before the whale, do I get 100% of my upvote which would be $0.05 or is there something else. I hope it’s not too confusing.

Yes you will get it cause you vote before the whale. U will get a good meal :)

Very interesting, thanks for this, I really appreciate it.

I have been wondering how that works, thanks for sharing that info. And seems like I’m always finding new websites as well from reading. I will also check out Steem stats.

Yeah esteem stats is very good to check rewards I'm planning to use it more

Thanks i have more information how i get upvote and when good timing upvote @vaansteam

I'm very glad :)

Upvoting this one on 25mins :)

just don't do before 15min :)

Everyone have their opinion :)

So if I upvote after 30mins, the rewards will be only to those voted around 1min-30mins? Am i correct?

Right after 30min and you will get reward from anyone who vote after you

Hi vaan! This is very helpfull for newbies like me, but I have a question.. How we are gonna kwon when a post become trending? So we don't waste our upvote.. How much money it's considerer trending or how do we kwon if a whale already upvote it?

It's good idea to read the post first see if it's good quality content and u know people going to vote on it. Pretty much a guess

Basic Idea about Upvote which will be helpful for beginner,[email protected]

Your welcome!

Excellent information for new members :D

Thank you :)

This information sure is a great help! I've read one content before but it didn't quite elaborated the rules of upvoting. It only only inform about upvotingg before and after 30 minutes the blog has been posted. You really did a great job in explaining it clearly. Well done!

Thank you! I try to make everything clear and easy to understand

Wow!!!!!never knew there's a particular time to upvote a post and moreover I have been upvoting post with with high rewards without knowing I get nothing at the end. Now I know more thanks for sharing this information it really helpful.

You do get something but very little. It's better to vote on something first that you think will get popular

One of the clearest presentations that I've read on this topic. Thanks for sharing! Resteeming and upvoting this one (regardless of who did before me).

Thank you very much for the support! You make my day!

Thank you very much i have more information about upvote and when good timing to upvote @vaansteem

You're very welcome!

I'm so clueless about how the Steem platform works...
I "think" I just re-steemed this post, hopefully I was successful!
I don't have time to read your article now, but I hope to read it more thoroughly soon.

Thanks For Sharing :)

Hope you have time to read it soon

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Thank you so much really nice of you!

Thanks for the lovely information.

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Thanks very much @vaansteam....all steemians have to see this.. I'm a minnow too....4 hours late...i upvote this post...lol

Ahaha 30min should be good u want to be early in the reward

Really? Wow. thank you so much for the info, sir! God bless you always~

Your welcome! God bless u too!

Thanks for sharing this, i didn't know this

Your welcome

Finally, totally understand it now. I read before that it is best to upvote after 30 minutes of posting but I did not know the impact when whale upvotes before a minnow. Thanks again for good info. :)

Glad to see u @wincee Hope you're doing well!

thank you very much @vansteam, now i understood timing for upvote,,
may god bless you @vaansteam.

Your welcome :)

I have to resteem this for the guidance of my fellow minnows, thank you so much for the information.

Thank so much. I really appreciate it

always giving us great advice

I want everybody to do well!

Check my feed and there you are @vaansteam...one of my first fifty followers.
AND your title pulled me in.
Being new here, I am allways looking for tips on how it all works.
Your post here is just what I needed to learn...how to time curation.
Thank you.

I'm glad I was able to pull u in ahaha. Hope my info was helpful good day my friend!

Well done @vaansteam, the precise and detailed explaination you shared is very valuable to newbies. We share the same opinion about the upvoting techniques or method to maximise the curators rewards. But when voting my own post, I will only do it after it has been upvoted by a few people. I believe that some people may get annoyed when they saw the author has upvoted his own post before everyone else. That's only my opinion.

Yeah you can do that too that's very nice of u to do that :)

Love the graphic. Been thinking about more efficient use of my vote. And now I know. Thanks for sharing :)

We won't earn much if we just vote on everything

Exactly! And a lot of the big earning posts don't really deserve the upvote anyways.

SIr iwas such a buitiful information. Which I was want to learn. Thank you for thia great information., keep it up dear @vaansteam.

Your welcome my friend!

Thank you ! This post was very interesting, I had no idea how the upvoting system worked. Sometimes it can be tricky to find this information so thank you so much for sharing!

It's a bit tricky but once you Know how the system work, it get easier :)

This is really a very informative post. I have a question. In the first example where the minnow upvotes before the whale, suppose he votes within 15 mins.... Does he then get the curation rewards as shown?

Yes and it also depend of the voting weight of the person

Very nice sharing good ideas sir. Thanks again sir something i learn in this post. Keep it up!

you're very welocme! Glad i could help!

With so many rules @ Steemit we seem to have entered the fire from the frying pan ;)

You got it my friend so many rules ahaha

This was great information. One thing I do have a question on, I read somewhere else that voting your own content makes you look desperate and that your only here for money? Of course every one has there own views but I stopped voting on my own once I read that. Very informative article though. I had no idea that there was a difference when you vote at different times or that there is difference when a whale votes before you.

If you work so hard of your post i think u deserve to upvote yourself. But everyone has their own opinion

Thanks for the information... i didnt know this about upvotes before, never knew it works with timing also

Now you u know my friend ;)

Hi @vaansteam, have heard so much conflicting info over the last month, I want to make sure the people I vote for get as much as they deserve, so I am still doing my own research, but I really liked your post, some good info I think. Thank you

Yeah I want everyone to benefit from voting for me that's why i 'm sharing this info

Hey @vaansteam
Thanks for the information, its important for those who are starting on the platform as me. Today I was reading a bit about that but thank you for confirming it.

I'm glad I can confirm for you!

Very good information. Definitely Steemit requires a lot of knowledge, monitoring and strategy. Greetings.

Yeah it's like a big chess game

Thank you very much for this useful resource. Definitely resteeming.

Thank you so much

@vaansteam, thanks for the comprehensive post and thanks for letting me know about steemstats i am sure that will be a valueble resource to use

Your welcome. I hope u great success on the platform

Wow this is great!!! cant believe this actually happens each time i upvote someone's post, thank you for this information @vaansteam

You're welcome my friend

A great information for upvoting of steemit

Thank you :)

Thank you for this informative post! There really is a lot to learn about Steemit. I still prefer voting for content that I appreciate without thinking too much about how it will profit me though. But from now on I think I'll keep the timing in mind.

You can do that too just have fun and enjoy :)

Thank you very much for all these explanations, there are a lot of things to learn not to make mistakes and fortunately, people like you show us the way, this information is very useful, I record ^^

Thank you so much for the support!

Its very much all set up in favour of the whales. All the more reason for minnows to support each other. Remember the minnows of today are the whales of tomorrow.

We all need to support each other and we all will become whale :)

Excellent timely information. This is currently the freshest information on upvoting out on Steemit right now!

Resteemed! Keep up the excellent work!

Thank you for sharing it. And I hope to see you around :)

Your welcome !

Thanks for sharing! I never understood how upvoting payouts worked.

Your welcome hope it helps

Thank-you, that was a very thought provoking post. I had not even thought of much of that content, but now know where to reread to rethink strategy. 😇

We will move faster if u have some strategy :)

As always, a very useful guide to using a feature on Steemit. Keep the guides coming

Thanks again for the great support @biohazard :)

i just know, if i want to get a lot for a reward on my post, i just need extra sp, thats true ?
im stil learn about all of this, but i don't get understand yet, i get a lot reward from my introduce post at the first time here, and then i don't get it again, what i have to do ? can somebody learn me ?

No only if u want to get good rewards for upvoting someone post then u will need steem power.

what can i do if i want to get good reward besides write something good @vaansteam ?
or this is all about what i write on the post ?

I really like your post friends and your post is very good I am glad to be able to join you thanks steemit friends good for sharing interesting things I can learn from you

I'm very glad have a nice day my friend! :)

We always learning something new. Thank you

Your welcome

Very useful information, thank you very much for this! 😊 I'm still trying to understand how this platform works and I'm happy to come across helpful posts like this one. Thanks again!

Thank you very much for the support

I kinda figured there was more to the upvoting.. I am so new to this platform, I have yet to see any rewards. This is really good info for the new people who are still in that learning curve like me.

I'm glad I was able to help. Good luck to you on your journey here :)

That is incredibly informative and thank you for such a great wirte up. I am one of the founders of the Steemit Newbie Resteem Initiative and this is information that many newcomers to Steemit will find extremely useful. So up voted and happily resteemed. :)

Thank you so @mudcat36 for the support! I'll see u around :)

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Thanks for the post - will use some ideas :)

Your welcome

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OK what if my voting power is only worth 0.001 will the reward I get be much if I vote a post withing 15-30 min that latter earn large sbd?

Yes you earn depends on your voting weight too but do get the rewards

U pretty much copied this and still earned a hundred dollars . .. ok

I put everything together in my own word

sure. .. ima try to b more like you!

This was incredibly helpful, thank you for sharing!

Really usefull content, specially for such a newbie like me ; )
Thanks a lot.

@frikhar I"m glad it was useful!