Dunking Confirmation- Feb 16th, 2018

in #basketball4 years ago

If I don't stop jumping I won't ever stop flying!!! Just confirming my bounce is still there.

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Nailed it!! We are rebuilding, let me know if you want a tryout. Resteemed!

LOL, funny! Would love to!

Oh Okay, okay,okay....now I see you want talk about that Mcclung fellow the other week. He seems like he plum got you inspired or something and now you gone done some video trickery to try to make it look like white boy can throw it down 😜

Seriously though, very impressive !!!
What you standing at ?? Can't be much over 6 ft. if that

Hahah, Thanks! I'm 6' and right now my weight is holding me down slightly. I'm weighing 212 and my optimal athletic weight seems to be 205. If I can somehow get to 200 I think I can throw down some really solid 2 hand dunks. I'm not exactly young but I haven't ever lost my bounce!

They just came out with a new Mac McClung video. It is pretty good! That kid has so much hang time it is mind blowing.

Yeah that guy is incredible. Can't wait to see what he does in college with the Hoyas. Probably stay one year and then NBA ??

It's really hard saying with him in my opinion. He seems like he can change directions pretty well but I don't know how much he will be neutralized against D1 competition and who else Georgetown has right now and who they have signed for next year. A guy I was following a couple years ago that had an unbelievable mix tape even when he was 14 years old (young for his grade) is now at North Carolina and I think he has done ok but the last couple of years have been injury prone so his route to the NBA hasn't been as fast as one might have thought seeing him in this unbelievable mix tape when he was just 14 years old. His last dunk is mind blowing considering at North Carolina he is only listed at 6' 1. I remember seeing this mix tape back when it game out and not even believing my eyes. I felt so unathletic it was unreal.

I love to play basketball great sport 👍 I just subscribed to your channel have a nice day

No problem 👍 check out my page when you get a chance thanks

I didn't see that coming @brianphobos. That was superman ish right there stunner..

Hahah, Thanks..... I'm going to keep working on my ups and hopefully soon I can put down the best dunks I have ever pulled off!

Dude I believe in you..

I've never played basketball in my life. I guess I don't like sports. But I know it's important for health though

If I don't play sports and jump around I will go crazy. I have to wear myself out. LOL

I so love basketball but my height is not so cool for it (sad), so I just play for fun... @brainphobos you should be in the NBA for pulling an amazing stunt like that... Awesome...
How do I get to subscribe to your channel please, would love to see more of this..

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