Playing The Walking Dead: Our World!

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This game is dope! Free to play and lots to do with no paywalls.

The reason I'm really digging Our World is because there's tons of constant little power ups, as you're constantly collecting/earning new cards to upgrade and unlock new characters, weapons, perks, buildings etc.

New to me, but i'ts been out for more than a year. For a free to play game I think they got things right. You dont have to pay to do maybe 95% of activities. You can upgrade your weapons and characters faster with some cash, grab some extra grenades for those hard as fuck encounters, but if you have even the slightest bit of patients you'll get by just fine without putting money into this game.

It's an AR game [Augmented Reality] which is cool, and likely be a larger and larger part of mobile gaming into the future. It's fun to build up my neighborhood and literally hold down the actual city block that I live on, with some occasional help from neighbors!

Developed by: NextGames
Platform: Android [mobile]
Released: 2018

Michonne and I out and about doing our thang!

For the hardcore fans of The Walking Dead franchise, this game is pretty cool and delivers a ton of zombie survival awesomeness. Using Google Maps, the game has you set up sheltered havens for survivors around your city, which has been overrun by hordes of zombies.

This is a game you can technically play from your sofa seat (or at least regularly check into the app during your day) but there are loot crates and events scattered everywhere if you're willing to go out exploring your city. You'll find Encounters with walkers which require you to shoot down a horde of zombies for a reward, and Infestations which are rarer and offer a three-part challenge for a bigger reward. -

Life after The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead: Our World

If you're a fan of the show and haven't tried this game, you should probably give it a whirl!



I never even heard of this game before but it sounds cool.

I may have to check it out.

Its a fun one for sure! I'm also on a Team of 25 guys working towards weekly quests with decent rewards when we hit our achievements. Adds to the game play for sure..

Hey this is Simplegame from SteemQuest.
Are you the creator of the battle token ?
I’m back
How have things been going ?

hey @simplegame, yup I created battle tribe for gamers. Really it was a group effort and I couldnt have done it alone but yay a community or "tribe" for gamers. Hope you're doing well Sir! I also took a few months break early in 2019, needed some time away. Good to see you're around, I see you joined our Discord so we'll chat more for sure..

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