Get Beta Packs Before They're GONE Part Two + Pack Opening

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Two weeks ago I started a topic called Get Beta Packs Before They're GONE. At that time we had 31% of Beta Booster packs remaining, currently we have 26% remaining. That topic detailed my prediction of how long I thought it would take to sell the remaining Beta Booster Packs. To read that prediction in detail click the highlighted text above.

The topics purpose was also to serve as a reminder to everyone as to how fast the last 100,000 of ALPHA Booster Packs were sold. For those who may not of known, FOMO hit hard and the last 100,000 packs vanished very quickly.

@aggroed, One of the founders of Splinterlands, stopped by the topic and gave his predition:

At the time of the creation of that post (7/12/2019) there were over 275,000 BETA Boosters left. Today (07/25/2019) we have 234,000* that are available for sale on the official marketplace. That means that over 40,000 Beta Booster Packs have sold in JUST TWO WEEKS.

While I don't believe we are in FOMO territory yet, I don't think it would take much to get us there. If Sales can stay at a steady pace for the next 4 weeks then that would mean another 80,000 boosters would be sold putting us dangerously close to (if not in) FOMO territory. So if you're planning on buying some BETA packs it would be wise to do it sooner rather then later as the supply of BETA boosters is dwindling fast.

I myself couldn't resist the urge to open a handful of packs (20 to be exact) and I plan on getting a few more before the whales of Splinterlands buy up whats left. A couple screen shots can be found below of what I found in my packs. Alternatively (if you are interested) you can view all my pack openings on the PeakMonsters webpage -->

Click Here And Get Some Booster Packs Today !

If you stumbled upon my topic and have no clue what I'm talking about >> Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. These cards can be found in Booster Packs or can be attained via buying them directly from the official market. Prize Money tournaments have started and thousands of dollars worth of Steem have already been given out. If you haven't yet, check out Splinterlands/Steem-Monsters by clicking here. You can sign in to the official site using your Steem details. Currently (7/25/2019) we are in the Beta Edition but I suspect the Beta Packs won't be around much longer.


I have 100 packs to open from TRON still. I opened 100 before but had poor luck and I can't open these yet as I don't have the DEC (still 33k short!) but based on my luck I am not sure if it's worth it.

I haven't used any potions yet.

My pack opening / card flipping luck hasn't been that great either. I was happy to break even with these last 20 that I purchased. It would of been negative ROI for my 20 pack purchase if I hadn't it that Legendary summoner.

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Yes that was a lucky pull :D

What's the assumption right now about the Gen. III release, same cards but more costly to combine and worth less DEC? If so this would push up the value of Alpha and Beta cards/packs nicely 🙉

From my understanding, the powers that be don't want to make any reprints and are planning on having no boosters for sale (for a limited amount of time) after BETA are sold out. I'm thinking if those plans indeed go ahead we will likely see a price increase of boosters on the secondary market and the volume of single card purchases should increase as well.

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Wow. you're so lucky getting a plado in 20 packs and another legendary. I've never got a legendary summoner in more than 220 pack openings with 100% potions nor in the airdrop. It puts me off buying any more as I made a $50 loss last time.

I never added it up but I think I broke out about even. The regular legendary is drastically undervalued currently at just $1.80 and the Legendary summoner is currently at $15. I suspect both of them to rise in price at some point putting me in the green for my 20 booster pack purchase.

I hope you hit a GFL in your next opening :)

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Nice one man, got myself 1 beta pack yesterday and one today, just because it says 26% remaining. I'm sure once fomo period kicks in, the cards left will be gone in a swoosh.

Awesome, what did you hit in your packs ?

Once the Alpha packs dwindled down to 100,000 they started selling like hot cakes. I suspect the same will happen to BETA once everyone sees that soon we won't be able to purchase them anymore.

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Well the one that's worth remembering was the twisted Jester for yesterday, I made a post about it here, for today, I hit the Haunted Spirit which was cool. What's not cool is that the level of my Death Summoner is too low to activate the cards I have :(

Greetings, grand @rentmoney

I am buying 100 beta packs and i will open with 100% golden and legendary potions. I think i can win a excelent golden card and pay for all of this!!!! Now, i have 26 packs. I will open when i reach 100. I think i can do this in 2 or 3 weeks!!!

thank you and have a good night

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I wish you luck on the packs.

If you make a post about it then send me a link here in one of my topics so I can go give it an upvote :)

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I am reading all of this and instead of wanting to by BETA PACKS, I want to go and buy ALPHA PACKS :D

I wish I had bought more Alpha packs. My plan was to spend $50 on this game ....... $3000 later I'm still not done spending :P

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With so many beta packs to be opened yet, will the price of the cards go up or down after they are opened. Since supply will increase will the demand decrease ?

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I suspect that allot of the BETA boosters that get purchased will be by holders who are looking to resell them on the secondary market months down the road. I also think its highly likely we see another massive burn for DEC rewards in the future.

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That sounds promising. Lately I have started playing SM very much. However it gets difficult to move up without upgrading summoners. And summoners are so damn rare.

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