2022 Eastbourne - my proposed schedule for BBC

in #bbc3 months ago (edited)

2021 Eastbourne Championships had a ok schedule on BBC but it had holes in their schedule airing live tennis, for 2022 I suggest having 4.45pm-6.00pm which has repeats to have tennis aired instead and no one wants to see repeats on BBC Two, Here's what my schedule looks like:

Monday, 21 June
1.45pm-6.00pm, BBC Two

Tuesday, 22 June
1.00pm-6.00pm, BBC Two

Wednesday, 23 June
1.00pm-6.00pm, BBC Two

Thursday, 24 June
1.00pm-6.00pm, BBC Two

Friday, 25 June
1.00pm-5.15pm, BBC Two

Saturday, 26 June
12.15pm-4.00pm, BBC One