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RE: The BitConnect scam is DEAD. What happens next?

in #bcc4 years ago

Thanks a lot for all this information concerning this scam! Many out there wouldn't or couldn't recognize this. You did, as well as many others, and flagged them for it, trying to protect us. Thank you so very much! Great update on the matter.

Namaste :)


Everyone knew it was a scam, but they were all blinded by the money they were (supposedly) making.

Red flag went up for me when I saw the UK government was giving them a dead line to prove they weren't a ponzi. It's much better for us to focus on value in a coin something like STEEM and NEO :)

My red flag went up, when I saw that I have to change Bitcoins into their shitcoin and that they would not give it back for a fix period. This is so obvious. I just don't understand why people can't see those red flags...


These busters had it coming, fuck Bitconnect and all of the scam artists they had pumping their ponzi.

Some of our very own steemsters no less. Bummer.

If you haven't noticed, the average intelligence of Steemsters seems to be pretty low unfortunately. It doesn't help that people think they are sooo smart when they bash Bitcoin and pump every shitcoin like its the next big thing. 90% of the people on Steemit don't go beyond surface level knowledge of any crypto-currency it seems.

Did we just make "steemsters" a thing? Also yeah, for better or for worse, I agree with all that.