Why didn't you do a minimal amount of research to determine this was an obvious Ponzi?

Why did it seem reasonable to you that they could guarantee rates of return that were 10X higher than any other returns you could get in any other investment?

and I guess most importantly ..... why were you so greedy ?

Some people are not greedy, it Seemed a very fair and reasonable system to use. If you think about the alts market since i got into crypto september-october. we seen regular days of 10-20 percent gains if not more per day. why would it seem unreasonable to lend your money to a supposed bot for it to pay you back a mere 1 percent whilst trading that market? You have to remember that not everyone is a pro at this type of thing and most of the new arrivals to crypto are looking at new ways to earn money. starting to use an exchange for a novice a scary undertaking unless you have previous experience in Forex, stocks and shares. I also got court up in it for the tune of 750 dollars but lucky i have money in there that i was willing to lose. Greed is not the problem on the users side. i think your question in regard to greed is a little unfair.

Just my opinion, I seen bcc videos when I started in crypto. From the moment I saw the offer or how it worked I knew it was a scam.... No way you can get daily interest @ near 1% everyday for 200 days then get all your capitol back at the end of that.....if you fell for that, it was greed or a lack of education followed by being mislead by the likes of trevon etc etc etc

id go with the lack of financial education. Although id love to think of myself or others as educated, that just is not the case with crypto/ stocks shares or investments. Myself along with others are all new to this. But i can assure you i will not be happening again. I did wounder why nick had earned 700000 on the platform and only reinvested 150k of it.

that was my logic ! I managed to get out without a loss cos i pulled out initial investment after 120 days ! just luck !


Rewards Pool Farmer Alert

@Steemcleaners, check out the comments section of @ryacha21 above. (

He is leasing 30k SP from @minnowbooster then using that to VOTE Up his own 7 Day old comments on random posts at the last minute. Scroll his comments to around the 6 day mark or just go to; he has a lot of self love on his own old comments.

HE IS DOING IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. He is farming the pool.. If you could help it would be appreciated..

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Also kinda a dick move to use the actual good post of another person to post a comment for no other reason to come back and farm it later.

Post Author, @dougpolkcrypto I do apologize.. This dude makes no actual articles of his own so the only way to draw attention to what he is doing is to comment his comments. My sincerest apologies for cluttering up your blog, outing the abusive self voting behavior of @ryacha21

Uh, no, this is not the only way to draw attention to hwat he is doing. The appropriate way to do this would be the @steemcleaners abuse report link:

Feel for ya man, these youtubers who promote this crap annoy the hell outta me!

OMG yes. Every crypto video had that guy with his dreads and another one with a very attractive lady at the beginning. Makes me think of Herbalife! Albeit that was never this good!

Don't invest carelessly. Try to do your own research. Read news etc.

Really rya? how did it happen in here?

That's too bad :( Hope that you will make some gains soon. I try to come in with some value here. Just did a post on LBRY, gonna invest in this as soon as I get confirmation that we're entering a bull market.

Library Credits (LBRY) - Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 16.48.36.png

Can't say that I understand how you're feeling bro. I've lost a lot of money in trading forex and stocks in the past but I haven't experienced anything like this. That 90% drop is crazy.

Do not worry. As long as you did not invest everything into bitconnect you can always earn it back. There are so many good investments out there and like other's said, do your own research first. Thanks.

That's sad. Live gives hard lessons sometimes.