This dump is different as it helped destroy #bitconnect and castrate #ripple and some other fake cryptos. Well done, markets.

I would not call bitconnect (which is a scam) at the same time like ripple which is just a cryptocoin, even if people don't like it. For sure. But it is still a decent coin which an interesting idea behing. Also very good for trading.

Ripple is going back up anyway

I lost money, but it was money i was willing to lose. I got out before it hit the bottom and got into a crappy low market cap coin in the hopes that it shoots up and i can triple my money quickly. It’s my gambling money lol. But i feel the pain from people who lost a lot. Because people who took it more serious lost $100,000+

But its over. Done. Time to find another lending platform!! Just kidding

No, please don't. ;)

I deposited a VERY small sum--and then promptly withdrew after I realized "Oh fuck--what did I do." Anyway, I still don't understand all this hate for BCC and PITY for the ones who "lost it all." The way I see it, it's no different than when I lost my rent money on the blackjack table one christmas eve in Vegas. Yeah, it sucked, but, it was my own dumbass fault. In fact, I like what one of the hated "BCC promoters" himself, Trevon James, said: Anyone who lost money they couldn't afford to lose was just being greedy to begin with. And that's truth.

Yeah you are right. I totally agree.
I didn't loss much. Just that money which I had earned from bitconnect, somehow.

almost got into bitconnect cause of some vids that I watched on YT. But thank god, I placed the money into coins that are POS. Giving me additional coins if I leave them in my wallet. Phew!!

That's good. I am happy for you. It is like you are earing even when you are asleep :)
I lost like $4000 and I have just posted about it on my blog.

Yeh I lost a little bit. Transferred the coins to the staking wallet and bccx. Just gotta see if it goes back up any and I'll cash it out immediatly. smh. For some reason folks are buying it while its low. The bccx exchange is still coming out too. Its all strange.

They are making exchange to use their new coin Bccx there so that's why public is excited about it.I am also planning to buy it , let's see.