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BDCommunity is a Top Leading Supporting Community of Bangladesh. Last week was the one-year celebration of the community. The community has been providing support and encouragement to BDusers and foreign users from the very beginning.

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Since English is not our first language, many users would like to write in the Bengali Language. The community has been giving priority to those users, which they did not get from any other community.

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More than 10 quality posts are getting 100% upvotes from the community every day through the manual curation. You can check the #requests-log channel to see the selected post.

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Community discord server has various bot features. Without post-publishing users are able to do all the work by bot. Account creation facility for new users with 1 Steem only. Users get strict security for buy-sell through the bot deal.


New Update:

The community is always one step forward. From this week Community Curators will select a post every day from Sunday to Friday. All the selected content would receive 100% upvote from @zaku and 1 Steem worth upvote from @bdvoter along with the community account's vote. You can check those selected post on #curators-feed.

BDVoter is the biggest supporter of BDCommunity. @bdvoter providing instant voting service with guaranteed profit to all content publishers. For more details come #bdvoter, ask your question.

BDCommunity always expects your feedback and suggestions. Visit our Blog and Discord.


If you want to support BDC, please consider the following curation trail on or delegating STEEM POWER.

20 SP50 SP100 SP300 SP500 SP1000 SP2000 SP

Hopefully, our community programs will make a significant contribution to the Blockchain!


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Great opportunity . I always love bdcommunity.

Check your FB messages ;)

I have replied.

Firstly, I will like to congratulate @bdcommunity for its one year celebration.
Secondly, it's to appreciate the support and encouragement from them. It's really one of the greatest communities am so lucky to find myself in. I as a person, I have several testimonies which is to be dedicated to @bdcommunity support and encouragement. One of the blessings I got from this community is a friend @ayasha-art who has always been helpful to me in all ramifications and she has ever been guiding me on so many things.

The community sure do to upvote and promote good contents and their comments on post are always helpful. To all @bdcommunity, you all are wonderful and you are awesome. Am sure to compensate your kind attitude to me when the time comes. Thanks to the bdcommunity and the Bangladesh..... @bdvoter special appreciations... @ayasha-art my sacrosanct friend,thanks to you too.... One love

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Many people get support from @bdcommunity.And sure It is one of the best community.It helps many way to us.I can't forget this opportunity.

Nice to hear such lovely words from users! 😍
Thanks for your feedback.

That's really another great initiative for BDusers. Always appreciated the great support of the community.

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Hope BDC will move forward like this to provide more support to users. ✌

Agree with you, the bond is strong. I love how the community works. It feels very native and comfortable to be a part of this community. And yeah, I have to mention about the helpfulness of the community people!
Your art is fantastic, to the point and attractive. :LOVE:

It's really great to hear how satisfied our members are. Thanks for your loving word.
And of course, I will not forget to give you my !rabbit. 🐇

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when i join this community then the time many people guide me how to maintaining this journey. overall this my first community, this site. i always thankful for this community admin, host, curators and others. they are very helpful. i am proud for this community. thank you @bdcommunity for your hospitality and everything. 💜❤

Such sweet feedback. 💖
Hopefully, we will able to get you the better service day by day.

Great thinking.. It will be inspried more to bangladeshi content ctrator to create quality content..

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Yeah absolutely, not only suggestions and lectures, people encourage more by rewards.

The Greatest Community For Bd Steemains, 👌

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