Beat Battle League S2:R13 Results

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Six (6) get your heart racing, high-quality entries from Steemian producers from all over the world were inspired by the Chase Scene Music theme in Round #13 of Season Two of the #beatbattle . It sure made the judging an awesome experience with so many creative takes on the theme.

Beat Battle League.jpg

Courtesy of @nicnas

The judging panel of @chiefmappster, @beat5e8 [@beatseb], fellow producer @inthenow [the newest addition to the judging panel], and @derekmiller thank you so much for all the time, effort , and resources that went into creating your entries.

Get that car shiny and get ready to enjoy these amazing creations from these Steemian producers in this thirteenth round of Season Two of the #beatbattle with the theme Chase Scene Music.

chase scene music 2.jpg

Remember the entries for the Beat Battle League are judged on:

  • Sound Quality: does the beat sound crispy, in speakers and headphones, is there cracking or recording errors? How loud can we play it before you notice quality issues? etc

  • Technicality: what are the skills you displayed in making this beat? The technical aspects of the your craft. The layers and sounds do they match? How many? etc

  • Creativity: how unique your entry is? How well it revolves around the universal theme? Holy smokes we have never heard that sound before? A creative video and/or artwork o yeahhhhh. Also, the amount of information, knowledge, and effort put into creating the entry and Steemit post come into consideration as well.

If you have any questions about the judging and/or your ranking, please always feel free to reach out to me on Discord. Entries created in the current time period are weighted accordingly.

Without further adieu, here are the results from S2:R13 of the Beat Battle League:

FIRST WINNER: @psionic-tremors with an average of 4.75 from the judging panel winning 8 SBD and 45 SMOKE for 53 points.

Yessssssssss this is that chase scene music right here.

Everything from the sounds and arrangement of this beat to the uptempo vibe to the car chase sounds intertwined screams chase scene music.

Absolutely love how you maintain that uptempo vibe by cycling through such epic sounds. That piano came in and took us away o myyyyyy.

And that car halting sound at the end of the beat was the ideal icing on the cake right there.

Excited for you to submit this to a movie or TV show because this is music for a car scene chase scene in every manner.

And appreciate you taking the time to share part of your creation process. Provides awesome value and insights into your production.

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SECOND WINNER: @yamaagni with an average of 4.73 from the judging panel winning 4 SBD and 38 SMOKE for 42 points.!/@yamaagni/20180702t232952390z-on-our-way-to-the-top-beat-battle-league-s2r13chase-scene-music

Woahhhhhhhhh this is epic.

What an epic beat for a movie chase scene.

You have that uptempo vibe.

The different shifts in the beat like at 0:51 and different sounds you are continually intertwining to keep the listener's blood pumping.

And the sound quality is immaculate o myyyyyy. Comes in with such vibrancy and fullness. Great freakin job on the sound quality in my opinion.

Totally can envision this in a foot chase scene in a movie or TV show (Rush Hour comes to mind right away and maybe one of long Marvel chase scenes).

Appreciate you being part of the community and submitting such high-quality material.

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THIRD WINNER : @d-vine with an average of 4.71 from the judging panel winning 2 SBD and 35 SMOKE for 37 points.!/@d-vine/20180629t091242188z-anti-negative-by-d-vine

Woahhhhhhhh this is a chase scene beat right here.

You have so much epic audio that could be chopped down into chase scene increments.

And that drum and bass gets the suspense going and blood pumping. So ideal for chase scene music.

Especially around 1:17 that screams chase scene.

And the sound quality is so full and crisp. Sounds so amazing in speakers and in headphones.

Appreciate you sharing this 5+ minutes of high-quality audio production with the community to enjoy. So many chase scene options pop up when listening to this.

Much love and respect.

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FOURTH WINNER: @hilladigahackles with an average of 4.63 from the judging panel winning 1 SBD and 35 SMOKE for 36 points.!/@hilladigahackles/20180630t225057610z-beat-battle-league-s2r13-tokyo-t

I had DSound playback issues hence the lack of feedback but the others in the judging panel could listen fortunately.

As always I appreciate your involvement and all you do for the community. MEANS A LOT.

Much love and respect.

Support this epic Steemian here:

COMMUNITY FAVORITE: @nathankaye with an average of 4.57 and $21.68 in community support, 89 upvotes, and 0 comments winning 20 SMOKE for 20 points.!/@nathankaye/20180628t070041804z-4-x-4-to-babylon-steemit-beat-battle-league-s2r13-chase-music-scene

DSound playback issues for a few judges including myself hence the lack of feedback. Luckily we had one part of the judging panel able to listen.

Appreciate you being apart of the community and uplifting our souls with your music.

Much love and respect.

Support this epic Steemian here:

The following are the honorable mentions in order of ranking based off the judging panel off this specific theme:

@infamousit with an average of 4.55 from the judging panel winning 18 SMOKE for a total of 18 points.!/@infamousit/20180707t033445798z-g-o-l-d--beat-battle-league-s2r13

Let's goooooooooo

Man the sounds you choose in this one create such a mood and vibe its epic.

Got an almost spacey chase scene vibe from this one. Can envision some intergalactic vehichles going at each other to this beat.

That xylophone you bring in around 1:08 adds an extra element to the beat very nicely in my opinion.

Appreciate you positive vibes and taking the time to share this entry with the community to get our blood pumping.

Much love and respect.

Support this awesome Steemian here:

Here is my scorecard with two columns added to reflect average from entire judging panel of @chiefmappster, @beat5e8 [@beatseb], @inthenow, and @derekmiller and respective overall ranking in this week.

beat battle league round 13 results.png

This concludes the results an analysis for Round #13 of Season Two of the Beat Battle League.

Stay tuned for tomorrow for the details of Round #14 of Season Two the #beatbattle .

Thanks again for another amazing round Steemians. You bless us with your hard work and dedication and we thank you for that. So much talent and passion in this community. Much love and respect.

Beat Battle League Week 7 Synergy.jpg

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Is this real? ;) - me on the first place -- how awesome is this? Hoorayyyyy :)) Thank you so much @chiefmappster, @beat5e8, @inthenow and @derekmiller!!! I'm just happy :) .Congratulations to all winners!!! bts name is psionic9

Ayyyyyyyy that's so amazing to hear. So happy you are smiling and happy. Congrats you did so well o weeeee.

Your SMOKE is sent and your previous SMOKE was sent as well.

Enjoy and congrats again :)

Massive congrats psio, and to all other winners as well

Thank you so much!!! <3

Appreciate you taking the time to listen bud.

Much love and respect.

So many incredible and very accurate to the theme entries this week! I do not envy the judging panel at all for this one! haha

Ayyyy rightttttt. It is such a tough yet enjoyable experience :)

Man do I love listening to your beat o weeeee.

Appreciate you.

WHOOOP, WHOOP look at you @psionic-tremors rocking the show <3
Congratulations to ALL the winners <3

Ayyyy righttttttt. Absolutely loved her entry o myyy. And yours o weeeee :)

unbelievable but true ;))) - thank you!!! <3

Not unbelievable at all, super cool! <3

The judges did a wonderful job for selecting @psionic-tremors sound as the first winner... the sound is nice. It sounds like an action movie soundtrack portraying one action mood to another in order of gravity.

Good job

Thank you!! :))

You're welcome

Appreciate your kind words.

Rightttt what an absolutely amazing entry. You described it perfectly.

Hey lovelies!
Thanks for listing me as community favourite!
I'm bummed you didn't get to hear the tune though!!!!

Dsound WTF!!!!!????

I'm 100% certain you'll get a kick out of it, or at least a giggle...
I was going for that chase music scene that you'd find in an action/comedy....
So maybe try it again because it's different...

Massive congrats to the winners!!! Yeeeeeeew!

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy