A Philosophical Prophesy about the inevitable, positive collective SHIFT in Consciousness (beat-battle-league-s2-r14)

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This was the first ever music video clip I ever made and, thankfully, it got national airplay on the biggest music video show in Australia, ABC's Rage!

Why I was grateful for achieving that is because of the importance of the message in the song teaching so many people.

I'll let the lyrics explain...


Hey, listen and face the facts,
The facts you have to face is Mother Earth wants to relax,
And wants to breathe in and exhale out,
Align your mind to the chakras, spin your kundalini out,
ANd dance your body free into ecstacy,
Ecstatic evolution leads to conscious revolution,

With the shift,
It's a gift,
Lord, I'm telling you the shift,
It's a gift.
Lord, I'm telling you...

The shift is a time where linear time will cease to be,
Reality becomes illusion,
United love dissolves confusion,
In the depths of your soul there's a whole lotta truth,
And when you unlock the secrets you don't need the proof,
This is a time of prophesy, This is the time of change,
This is the time of equity where oneness will remain,
This is the time of transformation into a time of peace,
Where love is the power and compassion will increase,
compassion will increase,
compassion will increase into a

It's a gift,
Lord, I'm telling you the shift,
It's a gift.
Lord, I'm telling you your shift it's a gift...

Letting go
Just let go

The shift as you will find will liberate your mind of slavery,
Of the kind that is mental,
As you can see my dear, it's elemental,
Just stop!
And listen.
Can you empty activity in your brain,
Or do you your thoughts keep going Driving you insane?
Driving you insane,
Driving you insane, until a

It's a gift,
Lord, I'm telling you the shift,
It's a gift.
Lord, I'm telling you your shift it's a gift...

Hear the sound of your inner voice,
(it's speaking to you),
Calling you to join...
The shift.

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SHIFT is “the word”

Dude, this is freaking awesome, brother! I LOVE this! You really got your funk on here, bro! Lovin’ the groove and the message, mate! Nice beat-box and scat run!
…And of course, the closing Didge!

Very COOL Production!

Thanks so much, broski!
A very different vibe to what I do these days so I'm glad it's still got some relevance and you dig it.

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



Right on Nathan that was way many cools.... love the groove and the message... your a force for the shift ;9)

Thanks so so much @gibber!
It takes the force in you to recognise force in others...
(Yoda said it differently. hehe)

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



saw the title, read the lyrics and upvoted! I'll listen when I get back from work :-)

Ha! You're awesome! Thanks so much broski!

Blissful blessings and smiles

in joy



"Although, chronologically, man’s consciousness develops in three stages: the stage of sensations, the perceptual, the conceptual — epistemologically, the base of all of man’s knowledge is the perceptual stage.

Sensations, as such, are not retained in man’s memory, nor is man able to experience a pure isolated sensation. As far as can be ascertained, an infant’s sensory experience is an undifferentiated chaos. Discriminated awareness begins on the level of percepts.

A percept is a group of sensations automatically retained and integrated by the brain of a living organism. It is in the form of percepts that man grasps the evidence of his senses and apprehends reality. When we speak of “direct perception” or “direct awareness,” we mean the perceptual level. Percepts, not sensations, are the given, the self-evident. The knowledge of sensations as components of percepts is not direct, it is acquired by man much later: it is a scientific, conceptual discovery."

Ayn Rand, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, 5

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