The Real Bangkok Behind Closed Doors.

As a tourist in Bangkok we always look at all the glamorous sites like the Grand Palace the many Buddhist Temples the towering hotels and immaculate, ritzy shopping malls and all the food vendor stalls to get our first taste of all them famous stick foods.






But you haven't seen the real Bangkok till you take a walk down this railway track which is right in the heart of Bangkok city right next to the red light district of Soi Nana one of the busiest areas in Bangkok city and take a glimpse at these everyday life of citizens that live along side of this railway track.




Railway line Old Bangkok Town - April 2020 392.jpg


There are 14 million people living in Bangkok and this is a handful of the eight million who live their lives in Bangkok living in houses made of corrugated metal, plywood and sheets of plastic, this type of area is commonly known as a "Shanty Town".







I was quite curious , i had to come to observe to see there way of living environment here by the railway tracks. For these people living by this railway track it's their yard, their street, their place of livelihood and most significantly, their home.

Railway line Old Bangkok Town - April 2020 395.jpg





Despite the fact that they were on the path of a speeding mass of metal that would spell certain death should they be in the same place later that night, to the kids here, it was their playground.


Railway line Old Bangkok Town - April 2020 393.jpg



When you step into these areas and you see these people who don't depend on governments they are reliant people they are living in small communities and supporting each other. Serving there own community with there own grocery shops , hair salons , laundry bays and etc , ever sharing there cooked meals with each other and the cats , dogs and chickens enjoy living here also this is real Bangkok.





Walking along these tracks is where you will see more of the authentic slice of life and the more genuine people of the Thai society who are left to deal with there own problems as a community helping each other.






While the city people carry on there lives with all the comfort and convenience , walking through air conditioned shopping palaces, with everything they many need is at there disposal , it is not till you veer away from the paths that keep most visitors and consumers fat and happy that you will find a truer perspective of the environment you are really in and these are the people i love because they will go out of there way to make you feel welcome to Thailand.






For me as a traveler , i always love to take the road less traveled , to see what others miss.



Railway line Old Bangkok Town - April 2020 389.jpg



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Of course, it goes without saying that this is a powerful piece of documentry that you show here today. Have you seen the other rather large one by Siam Paragon? This one is more local, if you will. I am so glad when people peruse the local commnities, I find the other road less tavel far more real, telling of the strength and character of the people and amazing that they live so close to the tracks and move about with no problem, even the children and animals.

I go down the back allys when I am in another country. I love the sights and I find the people usually so open and honest and willing to share their life, food and selve with you. I think your post is amazing and I am so glad you shared it with #MarketFriday!

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Great photos buddy. It is kind of shocking to visitors about the conditions that a vast majority of Thai people live in but there is a flipside to all of this as well. In my experience these people generally seemed happier than westerners that I know that have a great deal more material wealth than this. I know it is cliche but the whole "money can't buy you happiness" is very evident in these scenes.

I know Thai people that have almost nothing and live life much more richly than some of the folks that at least materialistically speaking, have everything. I suspect most of them are happier than I am, and that is nice to see.

It is sad to see but your right most of these people are happier then the westerners in many ways mainly because they help each other without hesitations.

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I wonder what kind of train comes roaring through their backyard... Is it a freight or a passenger train? How fast does it go? You'd think there would be some roadkill with all those cats, dogs, and chickens. But then again, I'm sure they all know when to run away!

It's a passenger train only crawling through at about 20k and yeah they are all in a routine they all get out of the way including all the animals all team work :)

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