Beautiful Sunday - Orchid Factory Part 1

This #beautifulsunday I took a trip to an orchid greenhouse. The place is called Orchids by Hausermann and they have a nine acre orchid farm.
Here's a shot of one of the greenhouses. They had this one full of blooming purple and white orchids. Now is peak season for them to bloom and be sold to the stores. Every year they hold an open house where you can buy them directly from them.
This year the show had nice name tags telling you what kind of orchids were for sale.
This is a nice bold looking Colmanara Wildcat.
Another shot of the Colmanara Wildcat. I checked to see if it had any fragrance but it didn't. Just nice to look at.
Next up is a Beallara Tahoma Glacier. It looks similar to the Colmanara Wildcat but white instead of yellow. The blossom is also twice as large. Still no fragrance.
Random decorative plants can be found throughout the greenhouses like this decorative pineapple plant. It makes a tiny lemon sized pineapple. I have no idea if they are edible or not lol. Too many people were around for me to attempt taking a bite out of it...
Here's a random plot of tiny cacti. They look nice and happy in the greenhouse. @nikv
Finally I found a couple unidentified orchids without any pot tags or sign. They seemed to vary between all yellow with a dark center. Then others had a tint of purple pink on the edges.

More orchid posts soon happy #beautifulsunday


Very healthy cacti! Sundays are always beautiful when there are plants involved :)

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wow.. a big range of orchids there but also many cacti. I guess the orchids sell better. 😎

Yeah i ended up buying a rare lady slipper orchid. I'll post it once it blooms.

Great shots of the flower factory :))

I have loads more should post them throughout the week.

I love flowers, these that show us are beautiful.

I'll be posting some fancier ones soon...

I will be attentive to see them.