You Down Wit' OGC?! // Episode 6 // Ballin' on a Budget

in #beauty3 years ago


This week's episode may be geared a little more towards the ladies...I'm talking about how to LOOK LIKE A BALLER WITHOUT THE PIMP STRONG PRICE TAGS!!

I talk beauty secrets like:

  • Makeup
  • Extending hair color
  • Saving money and time with your products
  • Where and how to get awesome clothes
  • SHOESSSSSS amazing shoes for cheap

Please let me know in the comments if you like this video and if you'd like to see another like it! Because damn, I had fun making it!

I give a shout out to T.B.D. Savage in this episode, who is now a full human! A very late congrats to @katysavage and @josephsavage on your baby, and the award winner of "Youngest Human in the Room" at the first Steem Creators Conference: Raven Savage!!

Always shout outs to @scottshots for being a great human, @steemcafe who is #myPIC, and to @larrymorrison another awesome human in my life, and to the very talented @joepate47 for turning my green screen purple and making me look fab.

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Great post. A penny saved is a penny you can spend on Doug & Nug. Love this new series. Congrats on your continued success.

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