Saturday night fish 'n sips - Nøgne Ø Porter

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Saturday night at the cabin, time for one more round.


Another dark one

In my previous post, I tried out a bock from Norway's oldest brewery, Aass. Tonight it was time for something of the newer sort – Nøgne Ø Robust Porter. It's so dark, it's almost hard to read.

Nøgne Ø is a modern craft brewery located in Grimstad in the south of Norway and has a few beers that I’ve enjoyed quite well, notably their brown ale. The Porter describes itself quite succinctly: *Dark. Leather. Dusk. Chocolate. Roasted.* Let’s hope it doesn’t taste like coffee filtered through a sofa. I’m not too worried if what else they say is true: *No other Norwegian beer has won more international prizes than our Porter. We always include it in our tastings, and it has turned many a “lager lover” on to craft beer. It has a silky smooth mouthfeel with hints of coffee and chocolate.*

Okay, bring on the mouthfeel.

The verdict: 9.5/10

I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe these things, but this is one I can get behind. The roasted coffee-esque flavor dominates for me, and the subtle "leathery" finish leaves you coming back for more.


This was especially delightful as an accompaniment/dessert to the homecooked meal of pike fished out of the lake outside the cabin (more on that tomorrow).


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