The Crowdsale of BEER - Only 200 Steem to reach the goal - Who will do the final invest?

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Many thanks dear Steeminas and the BEER community

Here is the actual Status of the CROWDSALE of BEER and yes, we got the first 121 Steemians who support our fun project with around 1801 STEEM - means we are damn close to the goal to get a Proof of Stake of BEER.

WE love to get your more help to reach that goal of 2000 ENG / STEEM.

crowdsale beer status 15.8.19.png

Today we reached
1801,05 STEEM
means we are at
90,05 precent of goal 2

So, please spread the word and feel free tu re-use any of our graphics and content.


Thanks to all that Steemians

See this nice graphic with all that great Steemians who got already some BEER from the @beerlover

crowdsale beer status circle 15.8.19.png

This are that early Investors, so please follow them to grow as well your BEER network a bit.

@harlhana @pjansen @jeanpi1908 @cryptobrewmaster @runridefly @pizzaboy77 @fishyculture @shadowmask @bucipuci @mcoinz79 @city-of-dresden @phoenixwren @steevc @mermaidvampire @jamethiel @rondras @browery @alexvan @wakeupkitty @isnochys @cervisia @harveyword @kissi @donald.porter @johannpiber @khaimi @tggr @ervin-lemark @connecteconomy @skramatters @crimo @enm1 @muelli @joanstewart @dreimaldad @jsantana @molometer @lordvdr @lotto-austria @reiseamateur @tazi @ayjoe @depot69 @misan @forever-crypto @augustimo @pundito @kadna @amico @mad-runner @johannpiber @condeas @ibc @dmilliz @oldtimer @felander @coolsurfer @toofasteddie @enthef @bashadow @cindyhartz @definethedollar @ervin-lemark @miti @tomhall @saboin @bucipuci @altobee @zekepickleman @detlev @c3r34lk1ll3r @donald.porter @meeplecomposer @tggr @crimo @johannpiber @bucipuci @chrisparis @browery @mad-runner @ervin-lemark @reiseamateur @abitcoinskeptic @backinblackdevil @altobee @kieny @saboin @aulia1993 @preparedwombat @johannpiber @mcoinz79 @elteamgordo @bluerobo @fonteynb @saboin @pompe72 @backinblackdevil @dk-goes-actifit @actifit-devil @seckorama @detlev @lightcaptured @bitpizza @jaydih @crypticat @dreimaldad @vanessav @ruhrsearch @detlev @maruskina @lightcaptured @robibasa @photocuration @athomewithcraig @spurisna @ruhrsearch @tinamarr @broxi @muscara @detlev

Some of them invested even more as one time.

The actual bookkeeping

To have everything transparent, here you see the latest version of our bookkeeping.

Who will be the number 125 or number 150 or the one with the biggest invest?

We already have a few Steemians who did a 100 STEEM or 50 STEEM deal. Even @reiseamateur @jaydih and @detlev spend 150 STEEM the last days.

Even now, after a week from the first posts, we start to get the funds that @detlev invested in some big upvotes to promote the CROWDSALE. He leave all this funds to @beerlover to get the upgrades.

BEER at the stock exchange

A very positive side effect of the Crowdsale is the rising price of BEER at the exchange.
See the actual chart from Steem-Engine.

Our original post is here

A few days ago we wrote all that information about the CROWDSALE from @beerlover where you just send him some STEEM to get for each 0.15 STEEM one BEER token.


Exchange some Steem for some BEER and support the new development of the next steps of the BEER token.


The Link

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - BEER token is working as well on the development of some games, tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and BEER and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover


Lieber @detlev,
Dear @beerlover and all Beerlovers,

Lets Proof of Stake of BEER.

Das Ziel wurde erreicht!!!
The goal has been reached!!!


Danke!! Thx, now Lets Proof of Stake of BEER. Yeahhh!!

And thx to all supporter from these great projekt on Steem Blockchain!

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many thanks

Ich habe dann mal noch ein paar Kisten geordert. Zusammen mit @ibc sollten dann nur noch ein wenig über 100 STEEM fehlen.

hab den Rest nochmals dazu gesponsert!
Lets Proof of Stake of BEER.

Cool @condeas das du auch dabei bist!!!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 2. Platz bei SLF! Lieben Gruß Kadna

wow - dann werden wir mal den "Proof of Stake" ordern

Wie geil ist denn diese Community!

Bestellung an Aggroed ist raus.
Jetzt werden nur noch die Parameter abgestimmt.

We made it!!

This is an awesome community!

Such good news.
I was gonna drive the message home in my next post. I'll wait for the update now.

next post will be during the weekend...

!giphy great 🤗

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Yay! So good to be included on that list with 2 @detlev s!

We can do it and Beer Token will forever be a currency accepted at the #cryptopub

Nice to see that not everyone is living in fear of the steem crash. order placed, thanks a lot.

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Congrats, excellent @beerlover!

Here is !BEER for you.

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To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @steemitboard, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

I have plenty of beer in the fridge, but my tips of !BEER never seem to work

seem that it worked now.
Please try another one.

For each 6 pack of liquid beer (not staked) you may do one call for beer per day

We will soon change this to staked beer

we will find the bug - let me check

Same here but it works sometimes. I get the message I have no beer.

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Did you staked all?
The bot just not look to the staked beer. We are in the process to change this.

I did nothing with it just changed it for Steem. 🤔

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Great job guys, an inspiration and example to all tribes... that's how a community crowd sale is done!

Good luck going frwd

#OneLove #OneSteem

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I’m more than happy to share my bookkeeping documents and an introduction to other.

Just ping me at discord

Can we still send Steem for beer?

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Yeah you can.

I had some discussions today and we plan some next steps.

For a short time of 10 days you will get it for 0.15 as this helps the Beerlover to get some funds to pay next steps of development.

@detlev, home already? Hope not :)

What's the current situation for @beerlover crowdfunding? Over 2000 Steem?

Yes, just have a look to the Beerlover wallet. There you see that we already send the funds to steem-engine to buy the “Proof of stake” function.

Still in BKK but home on Sunday.

Testing all the new stuff, on Sunday night.

To view or trade BEER go to

Hey @beerlover, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Do you already know our [BEER Crowdfunding](

Almost there!