Beer Tasting - IPA ('Hurricane IPA' by Bura Brew)

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BTC is struggling at these price levels with a lot of suspicion regarding some trading platforms. Folks are lured into high leverage trading to offset the lack of trend. I would not go that way personally.

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Bitmex wicked the prices all the way up to 8k. Some shorts probably got wrecked. Don’t push trading when the market tells you to wait. I’d force myself not to trade in this environment. It still seems like a protracted bear flag if we discount the wicks. We could easily retest the lows.

There seems to be a beer festival soon close to me. I’m still debating with myself whether I should go or just taste the leftovers around my favourite Pubs.

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Bura Brew Hurricane IPA

CountryPoreč, Croatia
BreweryBura Brew
AppearanceDeep gold. Sparkly. Misty. Medium off white head.
AromaHerbal hops. Grassy.
TasteLow herbal bitter. Medicinal. Refreshing.
PalateSilky feel. High carbonation. Sticky bitter aftertaste.
OverallLow alcohol and herb tones make it a good summer drink but I'm not too impressed. Let the price guide you.
Score (subjective)- 13/20

Price: 20 kuna (3.15$). On tap at a pub. Splurge

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Please drink with style and responsibility!

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