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RE: Homebrewing 101: Part 4 - 30 Days update - Bottling

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awesome buddy. I hope you join us, we just had a beer festival and I shared some pics on my blog, feel free to see them..Love beers.
You did a good job and will make a lot of money in the beer industry


Thanks mate, that festival looks like so much fun, great pics!
Dunno about making money in the beer industry, it's just a bit of fun, not serious brewing; still using buckets :)

Haha, you start gradually and invite friends to taste after which you start marketing and it goes on from there.
Or you can do it for fun and sell to contacts.

That is a route, but I'm so far away from that.
About just selling to contacts now, I would not dream of doing that even though I'm sure there's a market for good cheap beer around but it would be against the law to do so without the proper permits and the risks outweigh the rewards in this case.
But thanks for the ideas and support!

Welcome . Let us just keep steeming and powering up. Next year we will have enough cash to diversify to other businesses.
Success to you.

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