2017 Dragon’s Milk Triple Mash a 17% ABV Juggernaut

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I’ve been holding onto these for quite a while. At 17% ABV they need to be drank at the right time. You’ll be a drunk mess after just one beer! So don’t plan on being productive. This is a sit back, relax and nap kind of beer.

It Poured a purple tinted black color with almost no head. I remember there was a pretty sizable light tan head on the fresh bottles. However the aged bottle had a very thin tan heat that fizzed away very quickly leaving a thin, but lasting crown.


The intense malt character and whiskey notes are forward in the aroma. As you warm the beer the toasted notes of American white oak barrel become more noticeable. It’s like a earthy wood smell. It’s warm and inviting. It would pair well with a cigar.


The first sip is always the best. It let the booze show though, but that heavy alcoholic flavor faded on the second sip which makes this dangerously drinkable. The next flavor you get is a touch of dull sweetness. It could be from the malt or alcohol, but it’s delicate for such a bold beer. This is followed by even lighter notes chocolate, ash and nice wood character. The finish has very light piney bitterness and the beer had a lingering aftertaste that is pleasurable.


The feel is relatively thin for an imperial stout, but the aging process has made it a bit thick than the fresh bottle. There a touch and a touch of sticky feeling that comes from the sweetness. Then it finishes with low and slow fizzy carbonation feel.


If you ask me this beer is all about the ABV. It has a good aroma and flavor profile, but The attraction is that 17% ABV. They make this one pretty difficult to find which adds to excitement of trying this beer.




Looks like a good one and a strong one! 😃

Nothing like getting a good buzz on.

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