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Word of advice I did not follow. Drink IPAs as fresh as possible. Let me repeat that, don’t age IPAs they do t last.

Now let me tell you about Doom a delicious barrel aged IPA that’s darn right delectable when you don’t let it sit in your basement for three years.

Now let me tell you a lot this three year old bottle! So it pours like a fresh IPA. It’s a nice deep amber to copper color. There was a nice clear and distinct white head. There was adequate carbonation so who would of thought this would be bad.


The aroma was kind of alright? It did not smell bad, but damn did it smell alcoholic. I was not that worried because the beer is 12.4% ABV normally so it should be boozy. I was not getting much of an IPA vibe from it which was a little concerning.


At no point did I stop and think I should not drink this. So without hesitation I took a sip. Right off the bat I got hit with a heavy booze flavor. This was followed by more alcoholic flavors and finished with a metallic bite. Yup, that’s not how it’s supposed to taste. I stomached a few more small sips to confirm and ultimately decided to save my self a trip to the ER and poured the bottle down the drain.


Disappointed and defeated I grabbed a Miller Lite from the fridge to wash the taste out of my mouth, but came to the realization the bottle of Doom tasted better and had way more booze. In the end both beers were a bad decision and I’ll be pouring out all the aged IPAs I have lying around.