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We have been limiting our exposure to others by only shopping every two weeks. We only gotten take out several times in the last two months as well. However, we see the toll this is taking on local restaurants and breweries so we are trying to get take out once every week or so. It’s not game changing for these businesses to have our sale, but it does feel good to help them out.

This week we stopped by one of my favorite breweries. Old Nation claim to fame is their M-43 hazy IPA. It’s a delicious beer and it helped stop them for going under due to its success. This week I wanted to try their take on a west coast IPA.


70 Plus pours crystal clear with a nice amber color. There’s almost no head, but it does create a nice halo around the top.

The aroma is floral, dank and hoppy. It’s very clean with mostly hoppy characteristics. I was pleasantly surprised by how aromatic it was. I pour this beer ice cold which can sometimes cut down the aroma and flavor profiles. Remember serve beer at the proper temperatures and never use an iced glass. That adds more water to the beer which changes the experience.


The flavor it pretty bitter, but that’s expected with such a hop forward aroma. I get a subtle sweetness, but the overarching flavor it that dank, pine and floral earthiness hops imparts. I’m a fan of this type of beer, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t like a very bitter hoppy beer.


The mouthfeel is light and refreshing. I’ve always found bitter beer to be a bit heavier, but I did not really see that here. It’s very drinkable and I finished the whole crowler in one sitting!