Brother Benjamin

in #beer8 months ago

This is my second time having this beer. My first experience was a little bit explosive. I had a bottle that was too reactive and I opened it and the entire thing exploded like a volcano. I was thankfully outside, but still it was a bit shocking. There was only a little beer left to try and I feel that it was pretty compromised.

Thankfully this time around went much better and I was actually able to try the beer as it was intended. First off I really enjoy an imperial india pale ale. The normally how a sweet nose and hoppy taste which something I tend to gravitate too.

This beer did not disappoint. The aroma is sweet, but also had some dark malt and earthiness which was a bit different for an imperial India pale ale.


The appearance is beautiful. Brewing a solidly amber beer with a bright white head is so classic that I always appreciate it. Today we are seeing more fruit beers and NEIPAs that are pushing the boundaries of appearance, taste and smell. So when I find a classically good beer I always pretty pumped.


The beer is sweet on the lips. Them more malt and grain notes hit the middle. It finish bitter and a bit dry. I’m a fan of those buttering notes and because sweet beers can be a bit much for me. I will say the sweet start is pushing it a bit for me. If you did not finish so bitter I probably would not like this beer as much. It also has a pretty high ABV at around 10.1% ABV which gives it some brownie points.


The mouthfeel is thicker than one would expect. It’s got a mild syrup consistency that can be overwhelming if you let it heat up too much. I’d recommend drinking it very cold to help with the texture. This will mute some of the flavor, but it’s powerful enough to handle the cold.


Overall, this is a solid beer. It’s high ABV makes for a good time. The flavor helps balance a slightly thicker texture, but it’s a fun drinking experience. I’d recommend to a friend.