Beer of the week - Hanscraft Bohemia Crown - BeerSaturday

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After last week's epic 20 cents beer, I could afford to spend a few extra bucks on the next one... Joking. In fact, the reason I came across the crazy beer deal is the latest addition to Hanscraft's lineup, that I was going to pick up at, that very day.

Hanscraft 'Bohemia Crown'


After the first encounter, a few months ago, I ordered this beer at my local store, because it's the first in a while, that really surprised me. None of their newer brews, that I tried, could match the enlightening experience of my first 'Backbone Splitter'.

What's so special?

I'm a big hophead, but most creations that flood the craft beer market are just another pricey IPA with little new to offer. At 2,80 € this one is far from cheap as well.

Technically they call it a double dry hopped pale ale with two czech hops, hence the name. Nothing crazy going on.

  • 16 ° Plato
  • 6,3 % ABV
  • 20 IBU
  • Hops: Kazbek, Sladek
  • Malts: Pilsner, Wiener, wheat, oat


Can it deliver?

First thing that caught my attention was the head. Seems like the beer is still fermenting which creates a thick, heavy head that delays further investigations. The color is a bit darker than most pale ales, it almost appears to have a black shimmer inside, like the clouds are blockin the sun.


Once my nose found some room inside the glass, there was a maltiness that reminded me of really fresh beers from local breweries, followed by the most intense pineapple flavors I ever experienced in a beer.
After some sips, the pineapple changed into more of a blood orange citrus flavor. Very nice hops, in my opinion.

The official tasting notes also mention a honey flavor, which I can not really figure out.


My rating

Although the second encounter could not recreate the magic of our first meeting, my rating would be a solid 4/5. My initial rating of 4.5/5 is definitely a bit too high.

As this beer is a limited edition, you have to be quick, if you plan on getting your hands on one of these. It is certainly not a bad decision.



Sounds like an interesting !BEER and looks like a well made post.
Great to have you with the #BeerSaturday challenge

Great looking !BEER and nice post!!

I like the sound of this !BEER German, Czech, looks like a nice mixing of traditional beer countries and ingredients and new world hop flavours.

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