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RE: Risking Police Lives For Petty Crimes....

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Hey, @whatsup.

So, how are things up your way? I keep being told that Washington is opening up, but it sounds like you're not there yet. I thought I was keeping decent tabs on the situation, since you all, along with California and a couple of other nearby states are all supposed to be in some kind of reopening pact with Oregon.

And as far as I can tell, aside from letting people have surgery again, we're not that close to opening up a whole lot, other than some parks and recreational areas that were never officially closed by the governor, but were left to the discretion of the agency heads that run them.


Inslee talked about opening with the other states. However, now he seems to be enjoying the control factor.

King Inslee is certainly loving his power trip. I will be in Olympia helping people figure out how to re-open on their own. I've been liberating play structures, etc myself since I don't have a business to open up. I will support anyone who does though.