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RE: Homebrewing 101: Part 4 - 30 Days update - Bottling

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That is an absolutely gorgeous color in the last picture. I'm excited to see how this one turns out when you finally crack one open a couple of weeks! Still need to get myself a kit, kind of waiting for my dad to finish the wine he is making so I can repurpose his supplies.


Thank you! I'll take some pics when I'll open the first one from this batch.
Interested to see what you'll choose for your first solo brew!
What wine is your dad making?

I have been running through all the different styles I want to try since you and I first talked about it lol! I might be swayed by whatever season the brew is going to be done in.

He's making a rhubarb wine actually, my folks are overrun with rhubarb so decided to use all the extra to make some wine. Last time I was up there he had just transferred it between Jugs for the third time. I think he had 3 more transfers to go.

Hehe, too many styles to choose from, that's a good problem to have! D
Rhubarb wine, that sounds quite interesting, never had any! Racking it 7 times, he's dedicated!
I've seen this which is a good experiment and I would like to try this one, not sure if they brew it anymore though.

Yeah, he was saying that because of how sour the rhubarb is it needs a little bit more love than usual to get the flavor he wants...or at least that is what he is hoping, first time trying it with rhubarb for him as well.

Ok, I may just have to try that experiment out next year when they pick the rhubarb, sounds way too good to pass up. Now if only I could get that Saison here in the states...

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