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RE: Homebrewing 101: Part 4 - 30 Days update - Bottling

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Do you have the means to cold crash your beer? I do that with most of my non-stouts to get the particulates out before I package the beer. In my case, I keg my beer, but it'd be the same logic for those that bottle. It allows the yeast to drop out, as well as most hop matter and some of the cloudiness.


I cannot cold crash it, I've done it in the winter by leaving it outside overnight hehe, doesn't really work now. They do clear quite a bit in the bottle after a while. Most of my beers use a wheat beer base so they'll never be really clear anyway; well I guess I could use some finings but I'm not really bothered about it.
I'm going to try and get some equipment for all grain and then the next step will probably be a kegging/keggerator setup.

The all grain route is a huge step to making better beer (at least it was for me). And kegging is a massive upgrade too. A little dangerous though, since you have no record of how much you drink like you do with a stack of bottles on the counter ;)

Heh, I guess that's the downside of kegging! But then you don't have to worry about running out of bottles :D

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