Craft Beer Festival In Edmonton - Day One

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You can see from the title this is the event I'd find and talk about yesterday. I hope you'll find it interesting.

Photos are nothing special, I know, but in the constantly moving crowd it's difficult to get a good shot. Especially at the beer stand. People in line were thirsty and they don't care about a silly guy who wants to get a perfect angle or right brightness for his steemit post.

How can we blame them? They don't know that steemit even exists.

I saw the Facebook, Instagram, Twiter photo booth. People we taking selfies and sharing them like crazy. For free.

I'm asking you now:

Who's the oldtimer here?


Official logo of the festival.


The second two most important parts of the festival.

It's a 1 DCL mug and you spend two 1 CAD coupons to fill it.

Beer is in the first place, of course.


You can start with something stronger to reach the right mood faster but it'll cost you four coupons.


It was quite busy despite it was still early in the afternoon. Right after the lunchtime.


You hit the sweet spot with a big red truck and beer in Alberta.

After the hockey.


Pretty wide selection for the small brewery.


It's not just about drinking. Education is a very important aspect of this kind of events.

Maybe they should add the stage 7 too. Any suggestions?

Common, guys!

A $1 upvote for the best one.


For the older generation.

Before the big red trucks era.


Fat unicorns in Edmonton. Why not?

Cheers to all beer lovers.


I love a good beer festival! Looks smashing. Number 7 could be peeing, lol

Definitely. Right before stage 8 which is vomiting, I guess.

Lol, yes. Might be best to stop at 7 after all!

Cheers 🍻

The place to be!

Stage 7: Take A Photo Of yourself drinking the beer and post it on Steemit so you get paid for drinking it ;)

This particular beer festival looks so amazing and prolific. I guess many of the people would love this festival. By 5he way is it a historic one or a new festival.

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Stage 7: Sleeping It Off!

I like the red truck beer and the saddles I guess that makes me an oldtimer too. Ha ha fat unicorns... I though they only had them in Africa!

You skipped a few stages, hehe.

LOL! That I did!

this amazing range of photography, hopefully your day is fun, i want to be able to feel like you, hope you also always success, i will always support you.
I will upvote and restem

Beer Craft In Edmonton is very beautiful may your day every day fun upvote me.@oldtimer

Canada has some amazing micro-breweries. I think it is a shame that the large breweries represent us on the internation market. I hated beer until I tried a micro-brew ale. Looks like a great afternoon out ... how was the next day? LOL:):):)

Man you have all the fun! 😀👍

Beer festivals are so much fun!!! I’m excited to see that Mill St. Brewery was represented there. Mill St. Brewery is based in the Toronto area and here in Ottawa. They have an amazing selection of beers. I’m a big fan of the Tankhiuse and the Organic. We actually have a Mill St. Brew Pub where you can see the distillery while you eat. They have some fantastic sampler options.

Looking nice!
My brother has a microbrewery company, producing craft beers. They really are micro, but still when you will be next time in Ljubljana/Slovenia let me know and you can taste it :)

You never know.

Firm and straightforward. Questions as well as statements. Extraordinary

Stage 7 is getting a hangover LOL. Those were nice beers and they have a lot of competition among craft brewers so the consumers win with getting good quality beers in competitive prices @oldtimer

Stage 7: Evacuation

All liquids are eventually returned to Mother Earth

What a great event. I really like your post about it. Like always you made me laugh. The 7. Stage for me would be sleeping, but for many others party with a lot of trips to the bathroom.😉

P.s. The fat unicorn wins all. The founder of this name is a genious. 😂

stage 7: Take one beer along while leaving

Ha ha, people sharing their stuff on Facebook, Instagram and twitter but you are sharing on Steemit and now you are making money, feeling pity for them because their efforts giving them nothing other than addiction to likes and views. And this Beer Festival is reflecting cool and you shared awesome stuff and after exploring these pictures, i can definitely say that you had an amazing time there. And those bottles which you shared in last pictures holds the essence of antiqueness and they are really cool to watch. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Stage 7: Nothing else matters :)

That's my kind of event....I guess I'll have to hold my own in the backyard!

bird is very famous for the exhibition is so famous.

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you enjoyed. Cheers

Excellent my friend @oldtimer the Craft Beer Festival, gracias por mostrarnos las fotos del festival muy interesante. Saludos

That beer convention looks great! The atmosphere is nice, what is missing is a grill, the photos were spectacular! Thank you for sharing with us :)

Such an amazing festival,

Why don't they do that in Estonia :(

Cheers, mate.

I actually never enjoyed the taste of beer myself all that much. For everyone who does, this seems to be quite nice though.

We actually do have a bar closeby that serves all kinds of different beers. They even have one that I used to like. Some kind of creek, cherry flavored. Very delicious.

enjoy Festival

Festivali, uvek su tu za dobro raspoloženje. Zabava, relaksacija za vikend sa sjajno urađenom scenografijom. Post je ipak specijalizovan za poznavaoce i velike ljubitelje piva, mi ostali čekamo drugi deo. :) Slike daju informacije i prikazuju atmosferu. Najsimpatičniji je štand sa crvenim kamionom. Uživajte, prijatan dan. Hvala na deljenju.

Is mixing different brands of beer safe for your stomach?

Usually, we have problems even with one brand, hehe.
The amount is crucial in my opinion, not a brand.

I agree. As long as people know their drinking limits, they can enjoy it.