Beer Review

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Beer: Untitled Art
Type/style: Waffle Stout
Brewer: Hailstorm Brewing Company, Wanaukee, WI.
Importer: N/a
IBU: 48 - completely guessed
Alcohol content: 12.0
Rating: 3.75 of 5.0
This beer was actually quite good and my rating indicates that fact. Strong? Yes, for sure and if you don't like 'boozy' beers, then you will hate this one however, it's pretty balanced as far as being so strong that the taste suffers; there is a smoothness that is usually missing from such a strong beer. Don't drink too many or you will be hurting, but sip, take your time and this beer is completely enjoyable. It pours an almost opaque black with a generous, dark tan head that could get out of control easily. The smell is of breakfast, somehow, but it is for sure. The maple syrup taste and smell is evident and that is probably what gives it the breakfast feel...but it is so enjoyable and I suggest having it for breakfast! As on the bottle, cinnamon and vanilla can also be detected. This brewer makes some very unusual beers and to be honest, at first glance of their list I was so skeptical but of the two I tried, I was impressed. This is brewer is worth checking out if you like non-traditional beers.

From the bottle:
Stout brewed with Maple syrup, Vanilla beans and Cinnamon

From the web:
We're so pumped up for this Saturday that we've got an early treat for everyone leading up to our 8 Year Anniversary Bash! We just tapped an incredible collaboration between Untitled Art and Hailstorm Brewing Co. called Waffle Stout! This 12% imperial stout is made with fresh maple syrup, vanilla beans and cinnamon. YES, YOU WANT THIS!!!