There is always something to look at in the city.

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I'm down in Denver this week working the Great American Beer Festival. I'm in this room from Monday to Sunday while the judging and actual festival goes on. I thought I'd shoot some pics from my hotel. The top picture is the view from my hotel. City center, but I've had worse views, so I'm not complaining.

(click the above image to view full sized)

I moonlight as the Beer Sorting Manager for the Brewers Association. This job gets done from 6-10pm Monday through Friday for the four weeks leading up to judging. (After I get home from my 9-5 day job. Needless to say I'm exhausted, but today was a great day. We completed day one of Judging. We served a full tractor trailer full of beer to the judges today and we have another full trailer filled up for the final two days of judging in preparation for the awards which are announced on Saturday, at the awards presentation.
I manage a crew of 215 people, 40-50 volunteers per night. The beer sorting crew works to un-package and sort the beers according to the 103 predefined categories. The beers get entered into a database and we inventory every box before preparing them to be shipped to the judging location.

This year we sorted and prepared 8000 beers. These beers are being judged by 350 judges in the largest beer contest EVER in recorded history.

The Hyatt where I'm staying is just across the street from the convention center which will come in handy when I'm stumbling back to the room after each session of the beer festival.


Zooming in a little closer reveals some great details hidden in here.

and closer....

This is a viewing room on the top left of the furthest left building in the top panorama

La Boheme gentelman's club. Sweeter than a Palasade
(note: a Palisade is a peach grown around Palisade, Colorado, a region which is known for it's sweet delicious peaches).



I'm right across the street from Bubba Gumps. Mmmmmm, popcorn-shrimp.


Camera: Olympus O-MD EM 10 Mark II
kit lenses.


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One day soon I hope to get some rest. Maybe Sunday? Until then I'll be drinking beer.


Good shots, with so much lights at night.

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