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RE: A Bottle of Happiness (Mikkeller Monk's Brew) - Dan's Charity Initiative

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How are you liking the new Sony? I'm not very familiar with their line. It looks like it's doing the job! Monk brew, eh?

I got to drink some pretty good monk brews up in Prague, about a decade ago. I'd go back to the Czech Republic just for the beer!


That's one hell of a good reason to visit the Czech Republic - I've heard many tales about their beer drinking habits! Some people have beer in the morning instead of coffee - how cool is that?! 😁

If the lighting is good, the Sony makes some really detailed shots, but as soon as it gets darker, the quality deteriorates considerably.

The monk beer was excellent. There was only one that I wasn't fond of. It was also very colorful... I wish I could go back for a few photos! They had everything from pitch black to almost clear, yellow, red, and I think even an oddly colored (blue?) one. I can't remember which was what, as it's been about eight years... The hot toddy in Prague is also very good.

Are you planning on coming back to Europe anytime soon?

I'd love to, but am working on a masters program and mostly broke lol. If love to be able to move back to Spain. Maybe after I complete my degree it'll be possible.

How long before you finish your studies? :)

If all goes well, I'll graduate in May, 2019