A Satirical Take on Brexit

Beer choice in Bulgaria's shrinking rural regions and towns is often limited to mass-produced lagers and pilseners, for reasons that, I believe, are mostly related to income. Many people in those areas buy alcohol with thrift in mind rather than flavor. Thus, finding a locally-brewed, Brexit-inspired craft beer wasn't something I expected when I visited a small town in the mountains.

Heading towards a dead-end?

Upon seeing the price though, it became clear that this won't be anything close to what my taste buds have gotten used to through the years. Even though it was twice as expensive as a commercial pilsener, it was still twice cheaper than a low-grade craft beer. But that was okay - I was not going to buy it for the taste :)


Her eyes shut in anticipation

She said, "Homey, this beer is rather foamy."

A no hop bite is no delight.


Cheers and thanks for stopping by!


Ha. You would think a Brexit beer would taste like anger, frustration, and salty tears! The last photo is a nice representation of the crushing blow to the British economy, though.

Looks like a nice sunny day for a beer, even if it wasn't a high quality microbrew.

Hey Mark! Yeah, this should have been bitter and strong 😁

Ouch, this is such a perfect description of British feelings. Well for some of us anyway.

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Nice socks. So if we could only get a trade war beer for this U.S tiff with China, maybe our global matters could settle down and take on this recession looming. Would you recommend a glass of Brexit for these troubling times?

Would you recommend a glass of Brexit for these troubling times?

Absolutely :D

Perhaps a bitter beer, with a big foamy head and an amber or orangish color.

Nice report and it looks like you had some fun.

And yes, some damn nice colorful socks

We did :) Although I have plenty of colorful socks, those in the photo are not mine :)

Sorry about your taste buds, not getting what they are used to, but you will never know if you don't try it, and I bet it is still better than most commercial beers!! Here is a nice !BEER for you.

What I wrote about the taste buds was more of an ironical statement :) I do enjoy all sorts of beer, even the commercial ones. I'd probably go broke if I bought craft all the time...
Thanks for stopping by, man!

Yes, you are right the craft beers are very expensive.

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