Late Spring Solitary Bee update

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A few of the bee boards has had its holes completely filled in, this is great as they are taking to what I built for them. I see mud all the way to the front of the opening, one of those tunnels is completely filled in. Mission complete by a ms Mason Bee.. hah

So this is a sign that the boards are working, and hope to see more filled in soon. As I pan my camera across the boards a Bee takes cover inside its home. Though they have not been without their problems. I found a dead Bee inside one of the homes. It was just laying in there and not moving. So I pulled them out with plyers and left it off to the side. Ive found about five of them dead like that so far, but out of hundreds im not too worried about it. As long as we get more cocoons its okay as its just the cycle of life. More will die as it gets closer to the end of their life cycle. Im not stressing it.

I also check inside the bee house and show off a few covered holes that the Bees have completed. I point out which ones they filled in but the Bees did not want my fingers in there so I quickly gave them space. They wont sting me but I can tell if they are bothered by something. Just a day or two ago Luci the dog sticks her snout in the bee house and tries to eat them. Lol.. we think she may have gotten stung by one while trying to eat the Bees. Since then I moved it up higher up so she cant get to them.

Really glad the Bees are taking to them, after all the work I put into building their homes. I am looking forward to filling them in.

Since these boards have worked so well for me, I need to make some more and figure out the costs of them. And then offer to sell the bee boards on Hive and other places.

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