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Owing to the valuable nature of the digital currencies, everyone endeavors to possess a currency. However for the value of these system currencies to remain positive it has to be fully accepted as a means of trading in different facets of the market structure.

To make sure the currency is useful and yields profits to its holders, public and private establishment has to encourage its use as trade agents in their agencies.

Since the advent of technology, different digital systems have developed their personal training systems. Most of these systems instead of expanding its community to accommodate other digital trading system prefer to control them from their platform, making it uneasy for them to collaborate and establish a common market for trading.

As new systems are ushered in, it's almost impossible to different between which, due to their extreme similarities. These systems has overtime encouraged the development of various trading systems for different levels, either the small,medium or large scale trading. Because of the sophisticated technologies used by these new systems, there is conflict between these two, as old systems are run out of the business.

The exciting thing is that there's a system whose sole aim is to create a common platform from which every trading system can coexist while learning about each other's trading power, this system is called BEFORECOINMARKETCAP, here every individual on the platform can access the purchasing system of their interest and also intimate others of the changes on the platform, this when correctly done attracts compensation.


This is a simple system that seeks to sort for different crypto assets in the cryptocurrency industry and unite them on the same space.

The beautiful thing about this platform is that it gives its users the freedom to earn and also make it easy for them to access all the digital trading systems at once, by bringing together, the different cryptocurrencies into one place, and like other digital systems, BEFORECOINMARKETCAP also plan to develop its own trading medium called BCBC1.



The BEFORECOINMARKETCAP system is aimed at time management and a means for individuals to earn more benefits from the crypto community.

Until this project is completed for the system to assume its desired structure, it will be short named 'beta' as subsequent changes will be made to different area of the system.

The aim behind the creation of this platform is to update the system on information and newly developed trading mediums, making provisions for individuals to access their tokens, approval of KYC requests, amongst others.

The most interesting part of this project is that individuals can save their time and earn some money for their influence on or services rendered as regards the progress of these digital trading systems for its efficiency.

BEFORECOINMARKETCAP is likened to none, as the closest to it which is COINMARKETCAP, widely known to only sort for currencies with high value.

The main operation of this system is to grant individuals access to vital informations on the happenings in the crypto community.

The platform also provides rewards for individuals who have the right information about different digital currency, that is when the administration examines the authenticity of the information.



Just like other digital systems, BEFORECOINMARKETCAP has its own trade medium known as BMBC1.

This is an ERC-20 based token built in the etheruem blockchain, used for transactions on the system.

By this, eligible individuals on the platform are rewarded for their active participation on the system


It is undoubtable that the crypto currency community needs a unified platform, where they can interact with each other on the same ecosystem for effective and efficient distribution in the crypto community, while encouraging the use of this currency so as to continually increase its value.

This project does not only save time, but also allows individuals to earn money and make profits in the space.


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