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Begging has been a serious problem in the context of nepal these days. few weeks ago i had made some posts regarding the problems of street children. today i am going to share and woman of abot 45/50 years of age. who preferred begging as her way of living.

why begging is increasing day by day? what are its problem? and what can be the solution ?
begging has been the easiest job around. they can earn 5$/10$ a day by begging . so it has been the easiest work for them. no need to work. just stay in the road and ask people for certain amount of money. some days ago i met a women whose name is fulmaya.she was on the footpath near to my college. i saw her and went near her with a motive to spend few minutes talking with her. i approached towards her and gave RS 5 so i was making a way to talk to her. her story was like this:
"i am fulmaya from sundarijal. my parents died when i was small. i dont have brothers and sisters. after death of my parents i went to my relatives but they didnt cared me, instead i was tortured.thenafter, i ran away from relative home and came to kathmandu." i was so sorry to hear about this story. her leg was covered by a cloth, so i was curious about it and asked about it. auntie, what happened to your leg, she said i am having severe pain in it. i asked her to show her leg to me, but she insisted to show it. this what made me doubt her, was her story true?or it is a self made story for easy earning. also i asked her if i can take her pictures with my phone? she replied "dont take picture, my god will be angry and i will be more ill" . Being a student of science, i couldnt believe her, and took a picture secretly. here she is .




bro this is our main problem of our country some challenges should be taken for them

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