Ex-Wife Reham Khan: ‘Imran Thinks He’s God’

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I wrote a blog on my website Beginnie and want to share it with you guys .The blog is about Ex-Wife Reham Khan: ‘Imran Thinks He’s God’.Hope you guys like it.


Reham khan ex-wife of former cricketer and soon to be the prime minister of Pakistan used to work as a weather forecast in BBC news when she interviewed the star and both tied the knot but unfortunately the marriage lasted only for less than a year.

Reham khan during her interview has called Imran khan a hypocrite, “he is a narcissistic who will do anything to get power.’’ and would be a disaster for the country.

She has claimed that he has no connection in real life and lives like a Rapunzel.

Not only this but Reham khan has written a book on him exposing her reasons to marry him, ‘’he considers himself a God, I married him because I believed in his mission and plans but its all fake.’’

While on the other hand a close friend of soon to be the prime minister has revealed that the book is all a bundle of mixed lies. Imran khan himself in an interview considers his second marriage a mistake and expressed, ‘’I don’t normally say things about reham, but I have to say this that I have done many mistakes in life but my second marriage has to be biggest of them all.’’

Former cricket star has shown with his exemplary efforts and thoughts about what a strong leader he is. Citizens of Pakistan believes in his strength and he is most likely to be the next prime minister on this Wednesday.




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